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Why does your computer slow down?

by: Don Wickelgren | January 19, 2021 | Security and Tech
Ever notice that over time a year or two after you bought a new computer that things get sticky, take longer and everything is just slower? This is a real thing and there are ways to get back to new. It's easier now since so much of what we do is in the cloud, it…

PSA on MS Security Threat

by: Don Wickelgren | January 13, 2021 | Security and Tech
Most people with MS machines use the included OS security. There is an active threat coming directly from the anti malware system so verify and patch your systems and put it at the highest priority. Reference: https://threatpost.com/critical-microsoft-defender-bug-exploited/162992/

Being Secure: Small and not Noticed

by: Don Wickelgren | January 5, 2021 | Security and Tech
For any large company, you've either been hacked and are working through mitigation or you just haven't realized it yet. If you're a small company or business then you have fewer people going after you. So common sense security will help a great deal. We see frequent and constant security breaks, hacks, and lapses in…

Research and Development Paving the Way

by: Kate Vergara | December 29, 2020 | Healthcare
The world as we know it is in a health-craze. From blood glucose count to heart-rate, technology today is leaning to be more inclusive for our personal needs. We enjoy these benefits because of the efforts done through research and development. Companies should take a page out of Apple’s book if they wish to progress…

PBS Evaluating the US healthcare system

by: Don Wickelgren | December 18, 2020 | Healthcare
PBS has started an insightful and excellent series on comparing US healthcare systems with other nations. It's to help look at what works in other countries and what we might be able to do here in the US. I think we all know that health care in the US as it exists is not sustainable.…

Digital Office Spaces: Are They Feasible?

by: Kate Vergara | December 14, 2020 | Healthcare
The traditional office workspace is undergoing a revolution -- a digital revolution. The remote office is not novel . According to Gartner, 30% of employees have worked remotely pre-pandemic. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made businesses rethink their approach on how work can be done. The same survey says 41% of employees expressed that they would…

A watch for seniors! Signs of RPM

by: Don Wickelgren | December 9, 2020 | Security and Tech
I'm excited about this watch. Not because I've tested it or think it's good but it's one of the first ones in the space of RPM. From the article: activity tracking, fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and hands-free calling, the device is intended “to help seniors maintain their independence.” The watch also offers medication and…

Thinking Forward with Work From Home

by: Kate Vergara | December 4, 2020 | Healthcare
Desks are now the hottest commodity in the market. With the majority of jobs alongside education now at home, supply has yet to keep up with the current demand. But people are getting creative by transforming everyday objects beyond their usual functions like ironing boards and book cases. The home office must not only be…

If You Use Comcast here’s some cleanup

by: Don Wickelgren | December 1, 2020 | Security and Tech
This advice is specifically for Comcast users but some of the points are useful for other ISPs. Personally, I look at the cable modem to determine if it is reducing my network flow. Though Comcast tends to use old equipment. The Wi-Fi usually combined in a router can slow you down. It's not just Comcast’s…

Psychological Weight of Healthcare

by: Kate Vergara | November 23, 2020 | Healthcare
Healthcare is often lauded as an honorable profession done out of love for service. But even with that mindset, many have yet to acknowledge that the industry is suffering from discrimination. In Iloilo City, reports about healthcare workers (HCWs) barred from their homes during the early months of the outbreak. The local government swiftly handled…