Virtual Medical Assistant for your Practice

Improve your practice with our solutions. Let a Virtual Medical Assistant take care of front and back office work. Our services can be tailor-made for solo healthcare practitioners, clinics and facilities, as well as medical groups and networks.
Virtual Assistant answering call

Virtual Medical Assistant

Philippine Registered Nurses handle reception, EMR, prior authorization, triage, and scribe duties/work.


Virtual Medical Assistant

Philippine Registered Nurses who can handle reception, EMR, prior authorization, triage, and scribe.

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What’s New

COVID-19 Iloilo City Update

Iloilo City (where our VMAs are based) implemented proactive COVID-19 interventions, leading to an operations overhaul almost overnight. This video documents the steps taken to continue delivering services to our clients. The fight against COVID-19 requires drastic measures which we’re willing to adopt to keep our clients and employees.

What Our Clients Say

Norcal Psychiatry logo

“Angel is excellent. She works hard and is always on top of things! She is prompt and always follows up with tasks.”

Dr. Lindsey Miller

Inspire Family Health logo

“Ruth goes above and beyond. We consider her a part of our management team. Her quick completion of projects, thorough research skills, and self-reliance are three of her many strengths.”

Dr. Adriana Guerra

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“Edel is doing great. We like her attitude. She asks a lot of questions to make sure she does her tasks correctly.”

Cerbo Clinic

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“Sheryl is fantastic. It has been a pleasure to work with her. She is thorough, complete and always exceeds my expectations.”

Dr. Moshe Lewis