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Virtual RNs and Medical Assistants

HIPAA trained Virtual Medical Staff support patients, and physicians, using EMRs and other systems. They help your operations by bringing medical, wellness, communication skills and technical expertise to your practice and clinic.

Virtual RNs

VRNs are US state licensed RNs integrated with your staff. Based in the US or in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistant answering call

RPM Support Services

RPM programs and workforce solutions to support your clinics and patients

32% of Existing Clients Increased Services in 2020

We consider this the ultimate vote of confidence in our service, and governance. Our clients express their trust by using, evaluating then investing more in what we offer.


Virtual Medical Assistant

US and Philippine RNs and healthcare professionals handle reception, EMR, triage, prior authorization, scribe and other practice needs.



A remote service for home based seniors. We also integrate wellness concepts into our standard clinical practice patient care and other chronic care programs.

Other Services


Telehealth Support

Telemedicine, health IT patient and staff remote support


EMR and Special Projects

HIPAA trained staff for EMR migration, document refactoring, digital input, fax and scanned docs

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ACP, FMX, ACS – Which Conferences are You Attending?

What’s New

Doctors @ Home

Telemedicine sessions from home can be great! You just need to take a little time and prepare. In this series, we’ll be showing you how to improve your home sessions using simple tips and advice for better lighting, environment, and managing the technical matters.


Our Physicians

We support a diverse group of physicians and clients. Here are some of the medical schools they graduated from.