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Careers at Xilium

We are a company with offices in the US and the Philippines. We take skilled people and add to their technical abilities and enhance their tech, security and communication skills.

An Opportunity Awaits You

This organization gives you the opportunity to expand your expertise in the US healthcare system as well as learn new skills that are integrated in new healthcare services in the US market. We develop mentorship programs where you will gain knowledge in both technological and the newer communication methodologies that are new to healthcare.


United States

Virtual Medical Assistant (CMA)

We’re looking for a full-time contract Medical Assistant, working from home, who will be performing routine administrative and/or clinical office support to a Physician’s practice in Virginia.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

This is a full-time contract remote work. You will provide day-to-day administrative office support for a physician’s office while working from home. We’re looking for a college degreed person capable of learning on the job.

Virtual LPN - (CA License Required)

This position requires an active CA LPN license, other state licenses won’t be considered. This is a Remote Patient Monitoring position where you will be working remotely from home while supporting RPM programs as directed by the physician.

Chronic Care Manager- Registered Nurse

We are looking for a Registered Nurse to work as a contractor on a Chronic Care Management team. This person will interface with US physicians, physician’s US staff, and Xilium Philippines’ staff in providing chronic care to a group of patients.


Nurse Virtual Medical Assistant

We are looking for a registered nurse to work as a Virtual Medical Assistant. This job requires you to collaborate with a US physician, whom you will be assisting daily administrative tasks with.

Allied Health Virtual Medical Assistant

Are you a graduate of any health and wellness-related degree program? We are in need of professionals who can perform administrative tasks for a US healthcare provider.

Our Stories


Meet Your VMA: Jelmar, Answering the Call to Action

Nurse Jelmar witnessed the glaring reality in his city’s slum areas. He has resources: time, knowledge, and equally concerned peers. He knew he could do something.


Meet Your VMA: Trisha Actively De-Stressing

Many wouldn’t want more physically-demanding activities just to get stress out of their systems. Taekwondo, marathons, and dragon boat racing don’t sound leisurely either. 


Meet Your VMA: Nurse Kath, Becoming Who She Is

As soon as a nurse finishes school, they have to take on a supporting role in their family. Hospitals have an oversupply of nurses so there aren’t many paid positions available in the country.