Website Maintenance Inclusions

  1. Changing website content (text, images, downloadable files, etc.)
  2. Browser and mobile compatibility testing
  3. Upgrading website software*
  4. Checking website error logs
  5. Troubleshooting pages when it fails
  6. Testing forms
  7. Cleaning obsolete files
  8. Maintaining existing/finished functions

Monthly Website Checklist

  1. Website loading speed. Pages should load in 3 secs.
  2. Security scan should be performed and reviewed.
  3. All front end pages of the website must load without errors
  4. Monthly backups are performed and stored off site
  5. Update CMS(Content Management System) software and plugins
  6. All forms must be working properly
  7. Emails sent from the web server must be reviewed for failure
  8. Any broken links must be fixed
  9. 404 errors must be resolved by fixing links or redirecting

*if applicable

Note: Adding/changing functions are not part of the maintenance service. Developing new pages for the website is not part of the maintenance service.


  • Optimizing website pages and design so that they rank higher with search engines*
  • Reviewing website statistics:
    • Most popular content
    • Least popular content
    • Common source of traffic
    • Review best conversion source
    • Modify content to suit
    • Profitable keywords
  • Reviewing your local search visibility
  • Sending an update to your email list
  • Writing a blog post and sharing it with applicable networks
  • Reviewing website rankings and statistics