With a large pool of well-trained, highly skilled and educated, English-speaking associates, Xilium provides short-term and long-term virtual assistant services that fit specific business needs. Our professional virtual assistants develop and maintain long-lasting, productive relationships as an effective partner in achieving business success.

Learn more about our assistants, and see how we can help you grow your bottom line.

Virtual Assistant Services


Hire a Medical Virtual Assistant

Outsource administrative, EMR, billing, and coding tasks of your practice to our Registered Nurses.
We provide support services for Doctors, Counselors, Wellness Professionals, and other healthcare providers. 


Hire a Business Virtual Assistant

Focus in growing your business and leave the back office and business processes to our professional and college educated Virtual Assistants.
We offer administrative and other support services to small and medium-sized business owners. 


Hire our Creative and Technical Team

Our team can can help build your website and assure you of its maintenance. We can even help you with your online marketing campaigns to help enhance the online presence of your business.