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Security System Review with HIPAA

A small to medium practice service that improves your security posture


Vendor Selection

Vendors are the greatest source of breaches. Software, firmware, hardware, cloud services are on the table.


Staff Processes and Devices

Total usage policies of the office. Review education and details for security and HIPAA staff testing. Auditing and skills refresh. New software and hardware practice integration.


Cloud Services

Domain services, local servers and phone service. Cloud services exist in unexpected places. How to add new services safely.


Physical Space and Network

Document and understand the physical layout and design the processes to secure the office.

What We Look At

Network and System Security

Design a secure network, modify existing physical networks and network configuration. Monitor network activity and maintenance.

Device Security

Personal devices in the facility. Allowed devices, policies on BYODs.

Protection on Backups

Computer system setup, roles, software, passwords and MFA.

Process to Mitigate Ransomware

Understanding how it works. Level of prevention security. Simulation of ransomware lockup.