Our Story

Xilium was founded in 2011 by Don Wickelgren along with business partner, Karl Hatt in Cary NC. Initially, Xilium provided virtual staff working in the Philippines to support back office operations for small businesses. The natural availability of nurses in the country put a greater focus on providing medical staff to US healthcare practices. From this beginning the company has grown from a tiny apartment-based team to a mature organization with the resources needed to solve today’s problem.



Don Wickelgren

Founder and US Managing Partner


Vanessa Belleza

CEO and President for Philippines


Joven Suobiron

Administrative Manager



Xilium is headquartered in Cary NC with administrative offices in Burnsville, MN. Operations is based in Iloilo Philippines.

What “Xilium” Means

Xilium comes from the Latin word “Auxilium” which means “to bring aid or to help”. This serves as a philosophy the company conveys and represents us as a trusted, progressive company.