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Virtual Registered Nurses 

State Licensed RNs based in the Philippines or the US. We add tech support, security and improved communication through training and support.

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State Licensed

State Licensed

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy

VRN for Your Healthcare Business

VRN in Your Practice
Consider how a licensed RN working remotely can contribute to your services. Modern medicine is about advanced healthcare systems and regulations. Tech-oriented and with the skill and knowledge of remote communication and work methodologies. The VRN is valuable, reliable and consistent.

  • Patient care coordination 
  • Patient care supervision 
  • Improved clinical workflows 
  • Increased practice efficiency


Our Services

VRNs for a more sophisticated nursing care in your practice and clinics

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management 

VRNs help provide an innovative model of healthcare delivery for managing patients with a chronic disease in the comfort of their homes. The growing trend of telehealth enables patients with chronic care needs to gradually become reliant on healthcare technologies. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring programs are becoming the future of healthcare.

Home Health Agencies

State licensed and knowledgeable of technologies and tactics to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. Integrating VRNs with your staff can help enhance the patient and provider experience. They collaboratively develop the plan of care with the patient and supportive disciplines.

Home Health Agencies
Clinical Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring

In today’s modern healthcare, telehealth has become an important avenue of care management for patients who are unable to schedule in-person appointments. Augment your team with Virtual RNs to deliver patient care in a non-traditional way. They are fully trained in RPM and telehealth to effectively streamline your operations with the skills to monitor, educate, follow up, collect data, and provide multidisciplinary care including remote interventions, pain management, and family support in a virtual setting.

Telehealth Practices 

Virtual RNs are an important addition to your workforce. The added training on tech, security, and remote communication will help empower the care providers with the ability to provide multidisciplinary care in an innovative fashion.

Telehealth Practices

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Trained and Supported

Trained and Supported at a Corporate Level


Security and Tech Training


Security and HIPAA Expertise


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