Xilium provides you with Philippine-based, college-educated professionals as Virtual Assistants (VAs) to support your businesses. Leave the daily tasks to your VAs so you can spend more time and brainpower on your business goals.


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The Philippines has one of the largest populations of English speakers, with 70 percent of the population fluent in English. Xilium virtual assistants are well-versed in US English communication and culture. This ensures your message doesn’t get lost in translation. Language proficiency here allows our virtual assistants to present a professional image. All of our assistants are required to be college graduates with degrees in a range of disciplines from literature to IT and nursing. Work with them is pleasant and productive, letting you set goals amd tasks clearly via email, IM, phone and video.

Our staff are supervised by managers with expertise and experience in providing support to small and medium-sized businesses. We work in an urban office space with IT/Networking teams, fiber optic internet connectivity, and backup power generators to ensure effective, and reliable business support. This support makes for minimal management requirements on your end. Check out our videos and other online information to help you to get to know us better. We encourage you to reach out and talk with us to learn more.

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Xilium IT working on switch

Having a virtual assistant can help you in many ways…



Let our VAs take care of your client’s concerns, make follow up calls, and maintain your business records.



Not everyone is good with bookkeeping – but our VAs are. Let them manage the records of your business’s financial affairs however you’d like via QBO.



Research is time consuming and resource-heavy. Designate research tasks to your VAs. Get your head out of the books and into running your business.



A meeting at 8, an interview at 9, and a doctor’s appointment at 10. No more rain checks! Get that busy schedule organized with the help of our VAs.



Need someone to answer customer inquiries on your page? How about maintaining a blog or updating your followers? Let our VAs do that for you.



Our VAs will help you get on that flight to New York, book a hotel in Buffalo, grab a rental of your choosing, and have all your appointments neatly set for a hassle-free trip.

What Our Clients Say…

Vanessa, Joven, and the entire team at Xilium have been an amazing group of virtual assistants to work with. They’re a trustworthy organization and we’re very lucky to have found them.

John Shermer

Premier Financial Group

These guys are great, I have been working with them for years, and they are top notch. Fast, efficient, cost-effective, friendly and more. I highly recommend them!

Tim Tulloch

Business Owner

I can’t thank the Xilium team enough for the hard work. They have been wonderful to work with, very pleasant, professional, and timely.

James Schiller

Charleston SC Real Estate Agent

I have worked with Vanessa Estrella as a project manager and now with Xilium since 2009. All tasks are completed on time, VA’s are dedicated, organized and efficient.

Colette O’Hanlon

Kemplon Engineering