We have a package that provides the small business the entire online footprint needed to succeed in today’s world. Most small business owners are focused on their product and service offerings. They know their customers and how to talk, sell to and support them. But they may not know how to reach them online.

Xilium provides the skills and know-how to move you forward in the internet world.

We provide setup, training, administration and refresh migration in following areas:

Website Setup/Refresh with Branding Support

Take your business to the next level by outsourcing web design with Xilium. We can provide a team of web development and maintenance experts to analyze your needs and design a website that will help generate more income for your business. By giving us information about your company, products, and services, our web designers can plan and create a website that will not only widen your customer reach but also establish your brand reputation online.

Xilium offers the following web design services:

  • Create a website plan reflecting your business and targeting your market
  • Develop a website by adding pages and relevant content
  • Design logos and other graphic images
  • Add web plugins to provide a better visitor experience to your website
  • Ensure that the website is compatible on both web and mobile browsers
  • Keep your website updated by providing fresh content
  • Monitor and analyze website performance
  • Fix site errors when they arise

Making Your Product and Services Visible Online

Having a website developed to showcase your products and services is not enough. Traditional marketing is dead. Most potential customers are now on different online platforms, so you have to be where they are. You need to get the word out on the world wide web if you want to generate more traffic to your website and increase your bottomline. This can be achieved through search engine optimization (SEO), a process of making your website visible on the search engine results page (SERP). Making your website visible online, however, is a laborious task as it needs thorough planning and consistent execution and monitoring. Xilium online visibility services are delivered by our reliable virtual assistants who have the know-how of this intricate process. By taking advantage of our services, you will be able to see your website perform well in the search game, particularly that of Google and Bing, and generate more views and sales to your products and services.

Xilium offers the following services:

  • Search for keywords to use in optimizing your website
  • Perform initial website content check up
  • Promote website on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest
  • Write and submit quality content to article directories
  • Submit website to general and niche directories
  • Set up a blog and post relevant content
  • Set up email marketing for your website
  • Set up and monitor Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Modify site internal links
  • Modify site page’s meta-tags (title, keywords, and description)
  • Perform weekly monitoring of site performance on search engines

EMail System

When a small business needs a big presence, once you have obtained your web address and setup your website you need email. How does it look to have your website listed as www.acmewidgets.com and then email references like acmewidgets173@hotmail.com – not very professional. Xilium will set up and help get you going with an email service to provide you all the email addresses you need to look like a large professional company. sales@acmewidgets.combsmith@acmewidgets.combilling@acmewidgets.com are examples of what you can use to look and act professional.

ECommerce Systems

The web has been a powerful tool in bringing products and services much closer to customers. With its wider reach and more effective venue for promotion, most business owners have taken advantage of eCommerce Systems. Do the same for your business by having a visually-stunning website, appealing product images, attractive sales content, and easy-to-navigate website. Our team can help you analyze the behavior of your customers and the trends in the market to create an interactive website that is sure to generate more income for your business.

Xilium offers the following eCommerce systems services:

  • Analyze customer behavior and market trends related to your industry
  • Plan and design a website for your products and services
  • Create online product catalogues
  • Add shopping cart solutions, payment gateways, and shipping solutions

Support and Product Forum Setup

Forming a product support team is the best option if you want to provide excellent customer experience. By creating a dedicated group of experts to respond to customer inquiries, you maintain the quality of your products and services and give your customers a reason to come back again. Xilium offers support and product forum setup to business owners who wish to cater to their clients’ needs at an affordable cost. We provide a product support infrastructure designed to fit your business.

Xilium offers the following product support services:

  • Create manuals for products
  • Provide technical support to customers
  • Answer customer inquiries on the phone and email
  • Make follow up calls to customers

Online Marketing

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, is an effective way to promote your products online. This gives you an opportunity to reach a wider market specific to your interest rather than a broadly-defined demographic. Xilium can market your products and services online by increasing brand exposure and creating a strategy that will generate more income for your business and measure or track real-time results.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) basically means protecting your brand name online from negative press by having control over the search results. The Internet is a jungle where competition is fierce and getting unwanted content is inevitable. By constantly monitoring the web, ORM services can help keep your online identity safe and secure. Xilium can manage your online reputation by publishing new content on blogs, social networks, news websites, and other online venues, so there’s no way for bad publicity to take over the search engine result page.

Xilium offers the following ORM services:

  • Monitor the web to see online activities and mentions about your brand using Google Alerts
  • Set up a blog and post fresh content on a regular basis
  • Create social network accounts and post relevant content (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
  • Write press releases and send to PR sites

Cloud Services

Do you want to reduce your software and computing expenses? Do you need a secure and reliable storage for your important files and information? Do you want access to your data anywhere you go? Xilium can help you through our cloud computing services. Cloud computing refers to the use of a third-party, Internet-hosted network in managing your data. Getting cloud services allows you to be more profitable as you will not need to pay for an IT staff to deal with your data nor purchase high-end hardware for your employees. More importantly, cloud services provide a centralized repository giving you better access and easier collaboration with your staff anywhere you are!

Xilium offers the following cloud services:

  • Provide security and easy access to your documents through cloud servers
  • Keep your documents online
  • Develop and maintain intranet websites
  • Manage server

Company VPN Setup and Administration

In today’s insecure internet it is important for a business to not only protect their finances and IP but also to demonstrate to their customers that they are a secure organization staying on top of the latest security technologies. Xilium can help you establish both the technical aspects of security as well as provide you with the language needed to give your customers confidence their data and information is protected.