Technology can often leave us personally detached from the work that we do. When working with Virtual Medical Assistants (VMAs), this regularly happens because much of the interaction is through a computer screen. Jovette Virgula is one such VMA that clients in Xilium may have come across. Her character and quirks may often be overlooked but there’s more to her than just her work as a VMA. 

Known as ‘Yet’ for short, her tasks are largely focused on receptionist work and setting up peer-to-peer reviews. She is keen on maintaining an outstanding level of professionalism and pushes her colleagues to reach their own potential. She is known to be a light-hearted albeit strict worker who takes her job seriously. 

Outside of work, however, she’s a different person. You’d think she’d spend less time in front of a computer screen — but her favorite pastime is actually binge-watching shows on Netflix. Sometimes, she gets lucky and scores a good book at the local bookstore. Both preferences may give you the impression that she’s a loner. That’s far from the truth. 

Yet regularly takes time to relax and have fun with friends. She believes her sense of humor is her best asset. She can cheer up a drab room and is comfortable with herself. Yet is no stranger to comedic timing and making people laugh. She feels happy when people around her are happy.

Asked why she chose to work at Xilium, she believes that it’s the work atmosphere. The company treats its employees really well and she’s given ample opportunity to be her jolly self. The company is focused on developing everyone as workers and as persons. After-duty yoga classes and financial management seminars are just some of the perks that she has come to enjoy at Xilium.

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Rey Palmares

Rey Palmares

Writing should be one part informative and one part entertaining. It's what differentiates a generic piece of text from a well-written article. Rey Palmares dedicates much of his time to fine-tune that craft, juggling the joys and frustrations of writing with those of his law school life outside of the office. He's making it work so far.