First things first, what exactly are landing pages?

Effective Landing PageLanding pages are not just any page on your website. They are specific pages anyone can land on within the web which targets to get something from viewers. These are pages made specifically to move visitors to action. In a more straightforward sense, it is directed towards marketing a product, event, or service.

Think of those pages you see online with the exaggeratedly large “Click” buttons, with engaging promotional texts tagging along and a contact form on the side.

Landing pages are considered to be marketing strategies for business owners because they are made to move viewers to buy or be a part of something, while at the same time prompting them to give some personal data like name, physical location, phone number, or email address. This is beneficial for business owners because not only do they get to sell your products but also they are able to get vital information about their public. This means that landing pages are a way to cull a visitor’s information.

What does a landing page contain?

There are four basic things that should appear on a landing page. First, the self-important button that is always too obvious to be ignored – mostly what would likely draw the eyes first on the page.

Words like “Join”, “Donate”, and “Log In”, are some of the words you can find inscribed inside those large, colorful, and clickable buttons.

Second, the promotional lines. How can you sell anything without the proper marketing pitch to convince people to do as you ask? This is your make or break chance of convincing them that what you offer is definitely worth that “click”.

Third, there must be bold and colorful imagery. Something to draw the eye and keep it there long enough for the visitor to notice the promotional pitch and understand the offering.

Fourth, it must have some sort of form that has to be filled out by visitors. This mostly involves their names and web addresses. Suffice it to say, getting people to fill out that form with information about themselves is the real purpose of these pages. This is information-gathering at a whole new level.

Why are there landing pages?

For marketing strategy – plain and simple.

We are all about online marketing strategies these days. This is a way to earn traffic for our websites and improve the sales for our company or products. Landing pages are exactly that – marketing strategies.

By a person’s willingness or curiosity to click that button to take part in something or buy a certain product, you can tell right at that moment what interests them. The number of interested people you can generate and the number of personal data you harvest because of your landing page will make you see the effectiveness and success of your endeavor for your business.

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