hire-web-developer1Everything is going to the web these days, including businesses. On studies conducted over 70% of large businesses had gone cyber and a whooping 90% of small companies followed suit. If your business has no online presence, you are officially a Mom and Pop shop.

With more and more people starting to conduct their transactions over the web, it’s the most natural next step for a new or even established small business to do to entice new customers.

Small businesses want efficient ways to increase their following, and online marketing is one of the major pieces that enable cost effective customer growth. How do you make your business visible online? For starters to establish your identity, you should create a website that will showcase all the services or goods your company offers. Then, you’ll need to engage with your target audience via the appropriate social media. This is where a web development virtual assistant comes in to save you from all the time and resource-consuming work of introducing your business to the web.

What can a web development virtual assistant do for you?

  1. Provide valuable content. Your web development virtual assistant can create the website for you. They can transfer your ideas into a the medium of your choice. They can also create videos, podcasts, and blog posts to constantly update it. If you don’t have the luxury of time, they can make write-ups for new product or service, even announcements. They’ll even provide up-to-date recommendations on your website’s design (logo, font, and background) if your site’s looking dated.
  2. Provide maintenance for website. Changing something on your website will be easier. The virtual assistant can manage all the changes and edits necessary as time goes by, whether the site was created by them or by someone else. If you are techie enough, they can also create a website in a template that will allow you to make the changes yourself.
  3. Provide website monitoring. Monitoring website traffic (number of visits) can be performed by the virtual assistant, too. Using online tools like the Google Webmaster Tools, they can monitor traffic reports and make adjustments or recommendations to improve traffic.
  4. Provide website promotion. The VA can perform keyword research, optimize your website pages for search engine traffic and submit URL, keywords and description to various online directories. A VA knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets you well positioned in search engines. They’ll make regular updates to keep your website from getting “stuck,” and check from time to time for broken links or errors.

If you want to improve your website traffic with related links, the VA can also build links with other websites similar to your industry and make request for mutual link exchange. Also, they can promote your website on other sites via blog commenting and bookmarking.

These things that web development virtual assistants can perform will help your business get the attention it needs online. With the a good online presence, you are sure to attract more customers for your products or services. Investing in the right person to do the website creation and maintenance work is the right option, so look for the right web developer who can help you.

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Tru Tabia
Tru works as a virtual assistant for Xilium. As a computer professional, she specializes in technical and customer support, social media marketing, and content writing. Follow her on Google+.
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