Xilium Virtual Assistant Services Office in the Philippines

Xilium Virtual Assistant Services Office in the Philippines

The Philippines – the land of sweet smiling faces at every corner, azure waters all around, thriving dynamic cultures, and vibrantly resounding history – is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Recently dubbed as an upcoming Asian tiger, the Philippines has shown an impressive development with its economy, so much so that it has redeemed its credit rating from credit institutions like Moody and Standard & Poor with the upgrade it was given this year. The country is showing a promising future.

Even after being devastated by a typhoon just last year, the Philippines managed to keep its economy in the path of growth it has been on. The country has had a lot of changes with regard to the economy and flourishing trades over the years. Many countries prefer Filipinos because of their respect for their good working ethics, competence in skills, and inert resourcefulness.

The Philippines has embraced the internet revolution by its ever growing business process outsourcing industry. What started out some years ago as a promising call center business has now become a wide-range field of business process outsourcing. The country is also becoming steadily respected for virtual assistant services.

The work of a VA is to assist clients in their more tedious tasks, which mostly deal with secretarial work like making appointments and handling correspondences such as emails and letters. VAs could also delve into more technical fields as needed such as website management, content writing, video editing, and other more complicated ones. This is because a VA’s work ranges from the most general to the more skill-specific ones.

As mentioned before, the Philippines is earning its clout in the virtual assistant industry, simply because of the competence that virtual assistants have provided their foreign clients with. Demand for Filipino virtual assistants has led to the formation of different virtual assistant firms based in the country. Some of these are even owned by former virtual assistants who want to step up to the challenge of being instruments in further developing the industry and creating more job opportunities for their fellows.

To give you a better view, here are four best points that explain why Filipino virtual assistants are the perfect match for you:

1.  Language expertise. Of all the countries who have English as a second language, the Philippines has the strongest English-speaking population. Not only that, their English proficiency is remarkable in both the oral and written form – meaning, they are well-rounded when it comes to their knowledge of the language. This gives any client a chance at versatility with task assignments. You could expect your Philippine virtual assistant to take your calls or furnish some written documents. They would not have too much difficulty in making transcriptions as well.

2.  Exemplary work ethics. Filipinos are a hardworking bunch not given to complaints, and they tend to get along easily with other people. They are courteous and polite, meaning you won’t expect anything but respect from their end. They will do any task you assign to them to the best of their capacity. Tough situations won’t deter them from accomplishing the work with good quality. They simply find ways. Loyalty is also a strong trait in Filipinos, so you will not have a hard time trusting them. They will never squander the trust and opportunity that you have given them.

3.  Fast learners. Filipinos are smart and intuitive. This helps them learn quickly and adapt to changes and new trends in the online field and its related skills. For these reasons, you don’t have to fret when the task you need done is something new to your VA. All you have to do is devote some time to teach them and explain things to make them understand the basics. Philippine VAs are good at learning along the way and teaching themselves new skills. You can be sure that they will always strive to do their best.

4.  Easily motivated and pleased. Filipinos are known for their jovial personality and gratuity. They also have an innate need to please at times. So a few words of encouragement and some jokes can most often be the only motivation you need to encourage them to get the work done quickly or amidst difficult times. Don’t forget to congratulate them for a job well done. That will make them exert more effort on the next task. And also, if you give them the just compensation and incentives they deserve, they will show you only gratitude and loyalty.

Such dynamic qualities are exactly what Philippine virtual assistant companies like Xilium will offer outsourcing clients. They aim to be the helping-hand in growing your business and helping you prosper. Trust is continuously being given to virtual assistants from the Philippines. The evolving and growing of the business process outsourcing in the Philippines will tell you how much you can rely upon them.

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