virtual-receptionist1What makes you a successful healthcare provider? Is it your expertise or your team members? You know that two heads are always better than one.

Your medical virtual assistants (MVA’s) exceptional support on back-office operations makes you a prominent medical professional today. Rest assured you get opportunities to bring forth new ideas to provide more exceptional healthcare services. Though, keep in mind that your MVA’s need to stay motivated to continuously perform optimally in the practice. Drive them to be happier and be more productive at work.

Here are ways to keep your medical virtual assistants motivated:

Keep constant communication with your MVAs

An open communication leaves no room for confusion or doubt. Medical virtual assistants are intrinsically driven to reach your set goals and expectations so know how to put them to the right direction.

Your communication with your medical VAs provides you opportunity to clearly state what your goal is and what you expect them to do at the end of the day or week. Doing so will benefit you in the process because they get to realize the bigger picture. Don’t forget to give constant feedback that can give a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness of medical virtual assistants is a good start towards their personal development and your company’s growth.

Recognize your MVA’s strengths

Do you know you boost their confidence when you focus on their strengths? Keep your VAs constantly engaged by letting them know what strengths they can make use in the practice. Knowing their strengths direct them to focus on the right things that result in a better performance.

Hearing them out lets you know what they can contribute to a smoother back-office operation. Asking about their ideas on how to improve their workflow is a good start. Knowing what is and isn’t working eventually avoids greater disruptions in your healthcare services.

Just remember you only need to tap the expertise of your medical virtual assistants to let them know you believe in what they can do for healthcare.

Empower your MVA’s to lead them to better performances

Let your employees prove their flexibility in terms of technical and creative tasks. For instance, you let them create content for your online marketing such as posting educational topics for your patients on Facebook, Twitter, or other online marketing websites. Letting your medical VA’s work independently and decide on what’s best on a certain task are opportunities to make them realize how much they can contribute to your medical practice and how much they can still improve their skills.

Create more opportunities for your medical virtual assistants to grow as a member of your team and as an individual. Pushing them to go out of their comfort zones shows you entrust a bigger role that makes them see more of their self-worth. The more challenging tasks you provide, the more the MVA’s value in the market increases.

Let your virtual assistants follow in your footsteps

Remember as a medical provider and as the leader of the team, you are the best example of a motivated individual. How you do your job influences them with or without your awareness. For instance, how you take good care of your patients is noticed by everyone. Remind yourself that you influence others by your good examples. That way you set the bigger picture to your medical VA’s. Providing exceptional support on healthcare services grows on them more and more. They learn to put their hearts on every customer service or administrative responsibility they do for you.

As a medical professional, you will keep on progressing in the medical field with the help of your team members. Impart motivational thoughts or encouraging words to your medical virtual assistants to drive them further towards helping attain your practice’s goals.

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