“Health is Wealth.” Who doesn’t know this quote? I bet everyone has heard about this since they were young. When I was in my first grade in elementary school, my teacher in Health Education kept on telling us that good health is the real wealth. I was wondering like a lamebrain because I didn’t know how my health could produce money! Funny but true. Good health is very important that without it, everything we dream of will vanish. Our health doesn’t only affect ourselves but also our family and job.

As virtual assistants, we know how busy our work-life is! Keeping our health at its optimum condition is a must so that we have a productive time each day at work. How do you stay as healthy as possible as a Virtual Assistant? Let me unfold to you the secrets of staying healthy.

Balanced Diet – One of the most important factors in staying healthy is eating the right kind and amount of food at the right time. That means intake of go (energy-giving), grow (body-building) and glow (rich in vitamins and minerals) foods in a recommended amount should be part of our daily eating habits. Examples of go foods are rice, bread, crackers, and pasta. Grow foods include milk, meat, chicken, cheese and eggs which are rich in protein. Vegetables such as squash, carrots, potatoes , broccoli and fruits are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. I assume that most Virtual Assistants out there work in flexible schedules and probably non-standard hours. It is advisable to consume these kinds of food to keep us energized when doing our tasks. Don’t let a day pass without eating a balanced diet. Go eat healthy foods! Grow your money! Glow as healthy as you can be!

Regular Exercise – Maybe you are thinking what I’m thinking. Yes, sedentary lifestyle! Virtual assistants are usually glued on their computers for 8 hours or more, just sitting and facing the monitor the whole time. Lack of physical activity can lead to different health problems such as circulatory diseases, cardiovascular problems and take note, obesity! But, these can be prevented by exercising regularly. There are different forms of exercises that we can perform on a daily or weekly basis. Jogging, stretching, and curl-ups just to name a few basic ones. Curl-ups can be easily done. First, lie on your back with your feet on the ground and your knees up. Second, cross your arms over your chest. Then, slowly contract your abdominal muscles and try to reach your knees with your elbows and lower yourself back into the starting position. You may do this 15-20 times a day as a start, and try to do more curl-ups each time you exercise. Very simple, right? Also, having a break between the hours of your duty like walking for a few minutes and doing some stretching helps in the circulation of the blood. So, starting today, why not take a break and exercise!

Fluid Intake – FYI, our body is composed of ⅔ water and it is the main component of the human body. We should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water has plenty of amazing benefits. It keeps us hydrated, makes our skin look younger and healthier, helps in digestion, relieves fatigue, and it’s a natural remedy for headache. We don’t only consume fluids from plain water alone but also from other sources such as soup, tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables. Don’t you know that drinking enough fluids can help you concentrate better? Having a good concentration results to a good output of your task. Why not have a glass of water to drink while you work? But be sure not to spill it on your computer! Stay hydrated! Stay effective!

Sleep and Rest – This must be love! Just as computers have hibernate or sleep functions, we need to sleep and take a rest too. Sleep and rest play a vital role in promoting a healthy life: repair your body, keep your heart healthy, improve memory, reduce stress and the occurrence of mood disorders. During your break time, taking a nap is great. It will help you feel refreshed and is a better alternative to caffeine. You can check online resources for relaxation techniques and see what works best for you.

So, those are three healthy tips that every virtual assistant should know and follow as part of their daily activities. To be healthy is very simple. All you have to do is eat the right food, stay active, and not abuse your body, and you are sure to reap its rewards. If you are healthy, you will be able to spend quality time with your family, you can do whatever you want to do, you can follow your dreams, and you can be a successful virtual assistant!

Are you ready to be wealthy? Be healthy!

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