If you wish to become successful in your career as a virtual assistant receptionist, you must learn how to handle things at their worst. Successfully managing callers who just want to set an appointment is not a reliable gauge to measure your performance. That’s easy! For virtual assistants who are always on the line, resolving the concerns of angry and upset callers makes a whole lot of difference.

Customer satisfaction is one of the important goals of every business, much more of an employee. Whatever the situation may be, you must always remember that “the customer is always right!” There will always come a time when we encounter callers who complain too much, nag, or berate us, but don’t be disheartened. We can surely get out of it by being able to control our emotions.

To develop personal strategies in dealing with a frustrated customer, here’s a quick guide to help you: 1. Let the client voice out their concern. Active listening is very important at this stage. You must give your full attention to show that you’re more than willing to help them out. Letting the angry client talk through their concerns helps them calm down and remove the negative vibes out of their system. Maybe, all they need is someone from your company to listen!

2. Don’t argue! No matter how wrong the customer is, you’ll never resolve the issue if you start challenging him. This situation is the exception of the simple mathematical rule of “two negatives become a positive.” Do not intensify the situation by talking back or arguing with your caller. Instead, confront the issue with a professional and positive attitude.

3. Express empathy. Empathy means that you feel the same way as the person on the other line. This would let the them feel that you understand the frustration they are going through. But be careful with the words you use. Saying “I understand what you feel” might be irritating and you might get some “you don’t know what you are saying” responses back. It’s better and safe to say “I can imagine how difficult and frustrating that must have been.” Proper choice of words matters in this situation!

4. Be positive in your approach. Always maintain a positive mindset and try to maintain your composure and control of the situation. This can help in keeping yourself away from stress brought about by the hostile attitude of your caller. Express apology when necessary but avoid using the word “sorry.” It’s better to say “I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you” than saying “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.”

5. Take the lead to solve the problem but never promise. Never ever promise to solve the issue immediately. Rather, express your willingness to do everything that you can to help him out. Taking the responsibility to resolve the problem can help make them feel better. Being realistic and transparent will surely be appreciated.

6. Make sure that you gain the caller’s agreement with your resolution. Whether you have totally resolved the issue or not, it is best if you get your caller’s agreement with the resolution done. You can say, “Just to verify, we have decided to make up for the number of hours missed, am I right?” A simple YES can be your hint that the call went well.

Customers are the reason why your company exists. Learning how to handle them with care is very important. Isn’t it nice that a virtual assistant receptionist knows and understands the psychology of an upset and dissatisfied customer? Mastering the skills of handling irate callers is indeed a talent that you must be proud of. A skill that can get you closer to success!

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