A virtual assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled and well-trained employee who has a wide range of  experience in handling different kinds of clients and tasks. With their skills and know-how, VAs offer a number of virtual assistant services in search engine optimization particularly through blog commenting.

The Importance of Blog Commenting

Blog comments improve your ranking in major search engines. This is because search engines see blog comments as content. When you maintain a blog and a visitor posts a comment about an article you wrote, tendency is you will be engaging with that visitor. These comments can actually be optimized in a way that they contain the keywords that you want to be found for.

Keeping a healthy exchange of comments in your blog is good for your website because search engines notice this activity. The same goes when you visit other blogs and leave comments. It will give you the chance to link your name to your website or blogs and begin to attract traffic.

How Virtual Assistants Help

Virtual assistants have various experiences working with different kinds of clients, so their knowledge covers a wide range of topics from real estate related subjects to social media usage and tips, Google analytics and other helpful applications, and even search engine optimization topics.

A virtual assistant can maintain your social media accounts by posting relevant and engaging comments on your behalf saving you a great amount of time. You can provide direction through a list of keywords and suggest web pages and blogs that are popular in your industry.

The best thing about virtual assistant services is the fact that you only have to pay for the time that the virtual assistant has spent working for you. Set a target, say 10 comments each day using 5 different keywords and links on different blogs for 2 hours. This will be helpful to achieve efficient results

Blog commenting promotes interaction and engagement. It also increases the potential of attracting more traffic to your site. Make the most out of the virtual assistant services you can get. Let a virtual assistant leverage the potential of blog comments and drive traffic to your website through this search engine optimizing activity.

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Christian works as a real estate assistant at Xilium. He specializes in back office support, content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow him on Google+.
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