Google+ Custom URLLet’s admit it. We love to customize things we own to make sure that they are stamped with our personality. This extends even to our social media profiles. Google knows that, so after more than a year of users’ plea, it now allows us to have customized URLs (or vanity URL as it is often called as well)  for our Google Plus profiles or pages. As business owners, this is helpful in building your brand name. Cool, right?

What good will this new development give you?

Now, your Google+ page URL can be uniquely yours as it bears your chosen name and not the abstract combination of numbers it once was. It will become more readable and easy to remember. People you know will be assured that the page is yours just by the URL alone.

As of the moment, vanity URLs may not be available for everybody. Users get a notification from the Google+ team about eligibility for a unique URL, where they also indicate the reserved URL for you. Also, there are some criteria for eligibility.

Individual profiles must

  • display a profile photo.
  • have generated at least ten followers
  • be at least a month old

Business pages must

  • be a verified local business
  • be linked to a website

Once you get notified, you can start claiming one of the vanity URLs they suggest (but I have yet to know people getting multiple URL suggestions). As of the moment, they do not allow users to make their own vanity URL for their approval, though they say you can request for one. Also, this feature is still under development, and there is a strong chance they will charge a monthly fee for it.

You must be wondering how to claim the vanity URL for your pages or profiles.  Here’s Google’s guide on how to get yourself this shortened URL.

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