performance level conceptual meterAs a virtual assistant (VA), there are days when you believe that you are swamped with too much workload. It comes to a point where friends ask you to hang out, but you turn them down with an excuse that you are busy. Are you, really? If you look into it more closely, you might find that you only feel busy thinking of the tasks you have to do. You may even realize you spend more time procrastinating instead of doing any actual work.

Productivity is the goal you have to set your heart on when you work as a VA, especially if you are a virtual assistant in the Philippines. Philippine VAs have become reliable partners for business owners around the world to entrust their work to. Hiring a VA has proven to be one of the best decisions a business owner can make. So, let’s do our best to keep it that way.

Aim to do the given tasks at the specific schedule given by your client. If there is a chance that you will not be able to deliver on time, give a valid explanation. Knowing how to set goals and continuously practicing will hone your skills, plus being open to learning new ones will make you an invaluable part of his company.

Remember: Helping your clients make their business run smoothly is your priority. To help you focus on this goal, here are two tips:

1. Make a “The Key Tasks to Do Today” list

Prioritize. You have to decide which should be accomplished at the end of the day. Make a list if you have to, or create a clear mental picture of all the tasks you want to get done for the day. You may even keep a stash of sticky notes for you to jot down the things you don’t want to forget.

Multitasking is another way not to get behind schedule. But, doing so can also affect your concentration which, in turn, can yield unsatisfying results. This will be a waste of your time, effort, and resources. Always make sure that when you multitask you chose those tasks that are easy enough to do, undemanding of attention, and require only the most basic skills to get done.

It is not enough to believe that virtual assistants can make small businesses prosper, but you must also deserve your place in this new group of modern professionals by being productive and intuitive.

2. Learn to keep your focus

Focus is crucial. One major problem of a virtual assistant is the presence of distractions. When you are emotionally down, can you still work well or at all? If the work piles up around you, would you still be able to concentrate or would you panic?

If you let yourself to be overwhelmed by your workload, you will find yourself in the midst of great confusion – not knowing where to start or what to do first. The worst is that you can no longer tell which one is a priority. When you are overwhelmed, stop doing anything for a minute. Relax, detach yourself from negative emotions, and take a deep breath. Free your mind from the chaos, then sort out the pile of work you need to do and organize them in order of importance. Those with deadlines should be finished before the others, while the recurring ones which you pick up from where you left off day by day can come last.

Stay away from anything that might take your focus away from all that need to be done. Log off your social media accounts, shut down your phone if needed, and listen to calming music to help you focus.

Learning those two steps won’t necessarily be enough. You will probably find the constant need to bombard yourself with never ending ideas on productivity. That’s okay. Trying out different ideas to find which ones actually work for you is one way to get to the goal. Finding that productivity advice or tip which work best for you is a step toward the right direction.

In addition, practice is the key to be the best VA that you can be. Being confronted by difficult things exposes you to risks and mistakes, which might make you flinch, but you can also learn insights from your mistakes. Risks help you judge situations with wisdom, making you careful of your decisions. After all, who wants to keep doing the same mistake over and over.

As a virtual assistant, you should always be aware of your capabilities. Knowing yourself better can help you figure out how to figure out ways to handle your workload more productively.

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