Medical virtual assistance is a breakthrough profession in the medical field. Perhaps, its most useful role is being an executive secretary and helping medical practitioners manage through their administrative and customer service responsibilities.

In 2010, there were 624, 434 physicians in the United States who spend majority of their time in direct patient care according to the research commissioned by Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for the medical assistants is expected to continually increase until 2018.

Based on the statistics presented, we can conclude that the demand for medical virtual assistants will also continue to rise. Definitely, a good opportunity for professionals who are interested in joining this bandwagon.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a medical virtual assistant, the first thing you must do is to equip yourself with the traits and skills necessary for the job. Here is an overview of some that you can use to gauge and prepare yourself in this career:

  • Excellent Communication Skills – Communication is a valuable tool in the health care industry. A medical assistant must be someone who knows how to ask relevant questions to clients in order to gather necessary information for medical use. Being a mediator between clients and physician, you must also master the basics of communicating health reminders and tips or any instructions to clients.
  • Dependable – Professionalism is one’s responsibility to his/her chosen career. As a medical assistant, you must know the protocols inclusive in your practice. Remember, clients, physicians and other members of the health team depend on your reports regarding their appointments. Being available before the appointment schedule must be a habit.
  • Integrity – In the health care system, confidentiality of patient records is a must. Every health care worker should be responsible in protecting patient’s data as mandated under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. That is why medical assistants must have a sound judgment to maintain a great sense of integrity as they are faced with ethical and moral responsibility every day.
  • Empathetic – Being a member of a medical team doesn’t only require you to be a good listener. More than that, you need to be sensitive enough to empathize with your client’s feelings. Remember, we aim for the total well-being of clients. Showing them you care would mean a lot to them. Your bonus will be gaining their trust and making them comfortable and at ease during their appointment.
  • Self- Control and Focus – One challenge for medical assistants is how they handle the busy environment in medical situations. Dealing with busy doctors plus attending to frustrated clients who are in pain are just some of the things you’ll encounter each day. Maintaining control on your own emotions and remaining nice and courteous are just a mark of being a true professional. Remember, the true measure of your success in being a medical assistant can be judged in the way you handle difficult situations.

A medical virtual assistant must be someone who has a good heart and is willing to help others. A good medical background and excellent administrative skills would be useless if you don’t couple it with virtues necessary in dealing with people. If you think you have those listed above, why not consider this career and venture in the virtual world of the medical arena?

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