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Desks are now the hottest commodity in the market. With the majority of jobs alongside education now at home, supply has yet to keep up with the current demand. But people are getting creative by transforming everyday objects beyond their usual functions like ironing boards and book cases.

The home office must not only be comfortable and convenient — it should also be ergonomic. Experts from the American Physical Therapy Association point out that improvising your workstation may be good for productivity, but may not be so for your body and posture. The average Filipino home doesn’t always have ample space for a work area or has a complete recommended home office set-up. This working condition made us decide to think forward and beyond in resolving issues and improving quality of life as WFH turns into our new frontier.

We’re currently developing our own HomePods to create not only a secure but also well equipped, well-lighted, and private working space for that ideal WFH environment. This is something we are excited about. As we push on to bigger heights, we won’t stop in thinking outside and beyond the box.

Reference: https://youtu.be/k5qU9YA07Bk?t=91

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Kate Vergara

Kate is a Xilium writer and a former lifestyle and business assistant editor at a local Philippine newspaper. She holds a degree in pharmacy and literature, so her writing spans holistic and alternative health, medicine blog articles, and advertising and legal services. She enjoys blogging, poetry, and short fiction and has published in indie zines and anthologies.
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