local-marketing_thumbDo you own a business located in your neighborhood, town, or city?

Having a local business, especially one endemic to a particular place, means you don’t have to compete with another from a different geographical location simply because you don’t share the same set of customers. What you need to establish is loyalty among your customers.

The best course of action would be to implement local marketing strategies. Local marketing is reaching out to your community. Building relationships that result in trust is your goal for your business to earn a steady following from the locals.


However, you also need to support your local marketing plan with online marketing. Having an online presence strengthens your local strategy making your business even more reachable.

How to achieve local marketing for your local business?

Local marketing is a strategy that can be done both in person and even online. Websites will still come in handy just like in any other marketing strategy as its end goals are still exposure and brand buildup.

  1. Build partnerships because this furthers your exposure and credibility. Network with other local businesses that are not a direct competition of yours. Ask their permission to put up your fliers in their establishment, on their doors, or their bulletin board if they have one, or if possible at a spot that has the most visibility among its customers. This will expose your business to their clientele which could earn you prospective clients. Of course, remember to reciprocate. Let them put up their own fliers or posters at your place as well.
  2. Personal selling is the best possible course of action for a local business. This will give you more credibility and make you more appealing to the community. Communities, especially those of a close-knit town appreciate the more personal approach because it feels more welcoming and genial. This also gives you a headstart for attaining good customer experience for your business. Hand out fliers outside your establishment or any strategic area, especially if you are advertising some kind of a promotion or event.
  3. Public relations or reaching out to the community is a good way of establishing your business. Always make sure that you have a good relationship with your potential customers. Remember, you need them as much as they need you. Advertise your company activities on the local paper or radio, or make press releases of new developments and important changes in your business. Organize events that are customer-centric once in a while, make them feel valued – which is a way of keeping them.
  4. Integrate online marketing as part of your overall marketing plan. It will help enhance your local marketing plan. Creating an online presence and identity will help draw more customers towards your business. Your main goal here is visibility. You need to be searchable online, while continuously building up a positive presence. The more they see your business online the more that they are going to be curious about you and what you can do. Curiosity in a potential customer is good, especially since most of us are goaded by our curious nature to explore. And when what they see is favorable, it gives them ample reason to give your business a try.

Why incorporate online marketing with your local marketing

Adding online marketing to your strategy allows your business to be searchable on the web when people look up a particular industry or business where you belong in your neighborhood. When you show up in the search results, you are effectively telling the people of your existence, which helps them find you more easily.

Today, everyone tends to find a store, service, or any business for that matter, through the web. So, you must take advantage of it to bring in more potential customers to your doorstep. It is especially helpful to small businesses since your online presence will not only be useful to the people in your community but also to those vacationers or travelers who might be in need of you.

The importance of your online presence is to make connections, the first of which is to let people see the association of the online identity to the physical establishment. When patrons or potential customers can find you online, it helps convince them of your credibility, quality, and authority in your niche making them want to find you in person as well.

The other connection you need to make with the help of your online presence is to be able to associate with your peers in the trade. This means that through your online presence you get to network and socialize with the people you share the same industry with. In the long run, this is something that will further build your reputation with the connections you have made.

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