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A new job can be exciting and refreshing for many people. However, the new normal changed how we perceive starting things over. The pandemic has brought new challenges. It changed the way we do things, from the way we communicate up to the way we work. Because of this, the unemployment rate is at an all time high – more than 15% – compared to the Great Recession after companies and establishments are forced to either retrench or close.

Many would wonder if landing a job in the new normal is still possible. Fortunately, it is. I was a former job seeker earlier this year. For one year, I worked as a freelancer before I decided to look for a stable job to sustain an independent household. Then COVID-19 happened. Suddenly my applications were on hold including a few corporate desk jobs I was hoping to get. I was living independently and with the bills, groceries, and rent hovering about my head, I was unsure if things were going to work out — but here I am typing this to say: “Yes, you can start fresh in the new normal”.

Even in this situation, there are industries that continuously seek workers and most offer work from home setups. From information technology to sales, these industries give a fresh perspective on what jobs are either in-demand or sustainable even in a crisis. The field of healthcare is also looking for more people at this time, like when we managed to expand and launch our first satellite office in Roxas City giving opportunities for job seekers.

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Kate Vergara

Kate is a Xilium writer and a former lifestyle and business assistant editor at a local Philippine newspaper. She holds a degree in pharmacy and literature, so her writing spans holistic and alternative health, medicine blog articles, and advertising and legal services. She enjoys blogging, poetry, and short fiction and has published in indie zines and anthologies.
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