dos-and-donts-when-conducting-intercontinental-operationsIs blogging working out for your company the way it should? Have you ever wondered whether or not you may have made the right decisions or chosen the better options along the way? Were there moments when everything just clicked or was suddenly falling apart?

As a business owner, you must consider blogging as an online strategy. You are more than likely afraid to make mistakes while you are doing it for your business. You have to be wondering what simple guidelines you can learn and take to heart so you can avoid messing things up for yourself.

To help you in this endeavor, here are six simple hacks that will guide you in blogging for your online marketing campaign:

1. Do: Be vigilant of your grammar and composition

The first thing your readers will notice is your command of the English language. They will not be able to help themselves but see the inaccuracies within the article. It doesn’t matter if they set out to do so or not, those mistakes will show themselves to your readers willingly.

It will be quite embarrassing to showcase a blog post riddled with grammatical errors as well as composition blunders. But, more pointedly, you are trying to be a thought-leader in your line of business. You make the blogs in accordance of your expertise and knowledgeability. Then, how will you convince your readers of this if your post is full of glaring errors on something that you should know well already – your language?

You don’t have to be Shakespeare at this. All you need to do is to always be vigilant of your grammar and blog composition. Make sure that you did more than double-check it, go as far as to have two other people look through it. Our brains, after all, are programmed to see things as they should be, and we sometimes fail to see mistakes. You can say that we have a built-in autocorrect mechanism in our synapses, which handles the passing down of information within our body, so that by the time the message reaches our brain from our eyes, an edited version is achieved.

2. Don’t: Separate your blog from your company website

Blogs are content whose prime purposes are to provide answers to your readers’ questions and to optimize your website for search engines. They are made to build up the online visibility of your brand. Blogs become web pages indexed on search engines, so the more content you publish, the better your chances will be at being seen on the search results page. When your blog appears on the search results, readers are redirected to your site making your brand noticeable on the web.

People go online to socialize, search, shop, and learn. They eat up content that are topical or of interest because they want to learn and be knowledgeable. This is why blogging is important to online marketing. In simpler terms, blogs are the bait readers will lunge for so you can pull them into your website. There, they will be treated not only of the blog they want to read, but also of the clever addition of everything that your brand stands for.

Hosting your blog in free blogging platforms and not on your company’s web domain drives away traffic from your main website and the chance of visibility for your brand. This diminishes your credibility as a thought-leader.

3. Do: Share your blogs on social media

Sharing on social media is a good way to market your blog even further. In social networks, you have people who are on the lookout for some news about your business.

It is through social media that you can make your blog visible to more readers and work up more interest for it because of its more approachable and engaging in nature. Not to mention that your blog will be more easily spread throughout the platform’s sharing features.

You will be astounded by the reach you could go to just by sharing your blog on social media platforms. But, not to burst your bubble, it will also depend on how connected you are in social media, so make sure you build a strong and wide network of connections that could be tapped to your advantage.

4. Don’t: Be boring and predictable

There is nothing readers hate more than getting bored by a reading material. Your blog has to be conversational and interesting. Draw them into your net. Make them stay long enough not only to finish the blog but also to wander around the website to get to know your business as well.

Engage your readers so you keep them coming back. Be surprising in your postings, there is no better way to bore readers away than to be monotonous. Abhor predictability, give them different topics to enjoy well within your niche.

5. Do: Be patient and hardworking

Don’t expect to be catapulted to blogging stardom so easily. Success is only achieved if there was work involved. Prove yourself first.

Have patience, even when you are getting down from not having your blog’s purpose realized. Instead of losing the will to continue, make more relevant blogs that are of exemplary quality and with compelling interest. Let your readers make a connection between you to quality of output and thought expertise.

Do not lose hope. You will get your chance as long as you don’t stop giving your best effort. Work diligently for development of your blogging skills and steadily building your brand’s identity on the web.

6. Don’t: Be narcissistic and obnoxious

Do not ever be so full of yourself that you come off to your readers as a know-it-all with superiority complex. When you write your blog, do it in a way that you talk to your readers and not talk down at them.

Talking to your readers means that you are conversing with them to make them understand certain matters or introduce to them an unfamiliar thought. On the other hand, talking down to them means that you think they are ignorant, and you have to go out of your way to educate them. Doing the latter is embarrassing because most of the time, it is an inaccurate assumption.

Blogging is done to engage your readers so you could subtly bring your brand into their consciousness. Never lose your temper or treat them rudely. Treat your readers in an inoffensive way because being obnoxious will only drive them away. That should never be your option because you need them to keep coming back.

As is the matter with everything that you do or try for your business, you also make certain mistakes in blogging. The important thing is to be aware of them so you know how to solve them. Of course, it’s not always mistakes that you find yourself making. You can also find yourself making sound judgements that earn you some milestones for your blog and your company.

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.