The modern times have offered us better options when it comes to the health care system. Newly established treatment modalities, newly discovered health care equipment and even strategies in delivering quality health care to people are just some of the changes in the health care delivery system. But sad to say, the patient satisfaction industry still uses the outdated manner of conducting surveys. Surveying patients’ feedback is essential to improve the delivery of care, and obviously it needs a serious makeover!

A medical virtual assistant is responsible for making things easier to a physician or any health care practitioner. This includes discovering new innovations that can be utilized to maximize all the efforts and gather necessary output.

Surveying patient’s feedback is one of the most important and worthwhile things to do. This is where you gather areas of practice that needs improvement. It helps you strategize ways on how to deliver quality services to your clients.

Here are some points why we need to do a makeover in our current process in doing the survey:

  1. Make the survey engaging. Traditionally, surveys are done through a mail. In this manner, clients don’t have the opportunity to ask questions directly or clarify things out if they have something in mind. It also takes extra effort, time and money for clients to send it back when it is already done. Thus, the rate of return is so dismally low.
  2. Think: Mail vs. Email. Maximize the use of modern technology. Technology provides us a much better mode of communication. Try to compare the benefits that you can have when sending the survey via mail than doing it via email. Evaluate the accuracy of the output and the return rate and then decide which one is better.
  3. Evaluate your clients and align your strategies with their needs. Your strategies depend on your target market. And in today’s modern world, Internet, social media and mobile technology are widely used. With this, proper mode of gathering client’s feedback must be aligned with what is in.

Medical virtual assistants can make a difference. Changing and remodeling the current practice in surveying client’s satisfaction can help transform it into a more valuable source of meaningful ideas.

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