The line of communication between the upper ranks of NAR and its members is continuously becoming an issue because of the wide gap present. To provide harmony and unity to Realtors, NAR Strategic Planning Committee has come up with a solution – redesigning Realtors.Org.

Key Feature changes of Realtor.Org were presented during the NAR Conference 2011 . Some key features changed or added are as follows:

a. Content is customized. You’ll be able to customize the content which you want to see by just clicking corresponding widgets. Additional options will be made available as the site and content evolves.

b. Mobile optimized. is redesigned to suit today’s real estate trend by turning it into a tablet- and smartphone-friendly website.

c. No proprietary tech in the system. Meaning there will be no costly upgrade fees as technology evolves.

The said updates were just a few of the several changes that will be made and although redesigning of has yet to be put into reality, the mere thought of the said updates will surely keep every Realtor excited. will ultimately become the the information hub that we so desperately need.

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to play around with it and kick off your 2012 by using it every day in your business with ease.

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