In an infographic shared by Dr. Amit Arora’s Medical Cases Facebook page, exercises can relieve aching or numb muscles due to little body movement when working as a computer professional. Blood flow is decreased immensely, resulting to the strain and tension that develop. The exercises target the tension build-up in different parts of the body that are usually stressed when working in front of the computer for a long time.

These exercises can be done every few hours to alleviate the discomforts of our different body parts, specifically affected when in this type of work. They will not only serve as a breathing space to rest these parts, but also ease the tension from these areas so they will not become a problem. They also increase the blood flow to a more stable and normal circulation that can only do well for our muscles.

Virtual assisting, as a job, makes you familiar with all these muscle discomforts in one way or another. People in our line of work suffer recurring to unrelenting back aches (especially at the lumbar region), shoulder pains, neck stiffness, and of course, the all too familiar throbbing or numb fingers and wrists.

The lumbar region or our lower back is probably the most affected because of long periods of sitting we do every day.  Our stiff position and awkward posture for the duration of our work causes tension on the muscles and bones in the area, which will cause dull aches and soreness. The shoulders and the neck are strained because of the length of time spent with minor movements, since most of the work fall on the eyes, wrists, and fingers.

On that note, the fingers and wrists are the most abused parts of the body of a computer professional. Only the eyes can outwork them in this profession. All actions are concentrated on the hand areas, which guarantees their stress and fatigue levels are higher than the rest.  And also, they are the ones that desperately need rest most of the time.


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