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First-timers to Medicare may have the wrong idea as to how much the plan actually covers. Many of enrollees today are mostly retirees looking for healthcare insurance, coming in at about 10,000 each day. There are some uncovered fields that the elderly should know about and here’s a few tips on how to better prepare for the silver years.

An article by CNBC discusses how Medicare doesn’t actually cover all your expenses. Their research reveals that dental, vision, and hearing account are not included in these plans. Findings go contrary to what many actually people sign up for.

While there are some people who may qualify for a lower bracket (and more affordable services), many still have to pay out of their own pocket. The average retiring couple spends around another $280,000 for healthcare.

The article discusses how Medicare works. Part A being payment of hospital stays and the services involved. While this may seemingly be the more expensive part, as long as you have a 10-year work history, most services are free. It is actually Part B that is the more expensive of the two. This is when patients visit doctors or receive outpatient services. The premium for Part B stands at $134 but those with an income of $85,000 have to pay even more.

Both Part A and B do not cover prescription drugs. For that you would need either Part C (the Medicare Advantage Plan) or Part D (a stand alone prescription drug plan). Plan C necessarily involves both Part A and B but Part D goes by itself.

These things are not common knowledge and are mostly kept behind a curtain of jargon and technicality. This leads the average American to make ill-informed decisions that can potentially cause tens of thousands more than what they would only be paying had they made the right choice.

This article only talks about Medicare coverage in sparse detail. It is important to properly consult with an expert or do your own research before committing to any healthcare plan. Guarantee your retirement years the peace and quiet you deserve.

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