Starting or trying out something has always been way easier for me. Most of us are always excited for all the “firsts” in our life, say the first day of work, but that excitement gradually decreases as time goes on. This is a common problem that most of us experience and that only us can solve.

I got into the virtual assistant industry unintentionally. I am a registered nurse by profession and being a personal virtual assistant is far from it. At first, I never imagined myself to stay in this industry for at least a year. But I was wrong. I’ve been in this business for almost two years now.

As I look back to check and ponder on why I am still here, I can sum everything up in three words: “I am happy.” Happiness at work leads to fulfillment. It is no heaven, I have also experienced tough times and even thought of quitting. But there’s something that would always hold me back. Realizations would tell me that there are just more reasons to stay than to leave.

Being a personal virtual assistant needs a lot of self- discipline. You must be trustworthy in order to succeed. As you are working remotely, your clients need not to babysit you or monitor your every move. So letting them feel that you are reliable, communicative, and honest opens the door of trust. It may be hard to do this, but here are some of my guiding principles that you can consider:

Under-promise but Over-deliver. Never ever pretend that you can handle something very well when in fact you can’t. Do not promise the moons and the stars but always strive to do your best. Verbalize your eagerness to learn and ask for help or questions especially if it’s your first time to do it. It is very important to assess yourself and the task first before committing into it. Set limitations based on your capabilities. Honesty is way better than pretending you can do it and creating a big disaster in the end.

Be a Master Organizer. Upon setting your goals and deadlines, organize your to-do’s and plan the action items that will help you achieve them. At times when I have a lot of things to do, I would always stop for a while and assess everything. It’s important that you know how to organize your time and set your priorities. Your clients rely on you to help them stay at the top of their business, so being an organized assistant is the best way to start helping them.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. From experience, most of my clients appreciate email updates that I send before signing off. Taking some time to write down updates regarding the status or progress of the tasks is very helpful not just for my clients but for myself as well. Daily reports assure my clients that their projects are being taken care of and, at the same time, remind me of the things that I have accomplished and have not.

Go the extra mile. There will be times when you have completed the assigned tasks before the allotted time. This is a good gauge of your efficiency as a personal virtual assistant. Clients would surely appreciate it if you inform them about it and ask if they want another task done in your remaining time.

These are just a few of the discoveries and realizations that make me a fulfilled and happy personal virtual assistant. I’m close to two years in this job and I’m still counting!

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