Nursing shortages in the UK continue to worsen

With the effects of Brexit still being felt, nurses in the UK are now experiencing grave understaffing. The government-funded health program – the National Health Service (NHS) – has reported nursing shortages in every one of four hospitals.

This story was earlier reported by The Independent to highlight a growing threat to national interest in the country. The article reports that healthcare assistants were used ‘shore up’ the lacking number of nurses. Reports state that this problem and haphazard solution has existed prior to Brexit. However, since no resolution was identified, the issue continued to worsen and is now endangering patients’ lives in NHS hospitals.

Registered nurses only account for 66% of the nursing staff – with up to 20% vacancy rates in some hospitals. There are currently 40,000 unfilled nursing jobs in the UK. Nursing graduate numbers have increased at a dismal 10% over the years and patient numbers have always significantly outnumbered nurses.


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Rey Palmares

Rey Palmares

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