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christianThis is the second part of my article describing my virtual assistant experience with an Australian client

Work Process and Progress

After I have organized the files my Australian client have sent via email, I then check them one by one to have an idea of the things my client would ask me to do. It allows me to check for missing pages, unclear prints, or unattached supporting documents. It also keeps me prepared with questions to ask or clarifications to point out the moment he calls.

I am usually able to finish all the tasks sent in a day.  However, there are some tasks that require a longer time to be completed. I make sure to update my client via email about the status and progress of the tasks in such cases.

For instance, a task which requires me to compile contact details of different businesses in various Australian areas might take me some time to complete, thus at the end of the week, I’ll be sending a report to my client about the task’s progress, attaching the spreadsheet I currently have and with the date on the file name (e.g. “Commercial Cleaning Database – NSW as of Apr 25 2014).  In this way, my client knows the status of the task and can use the initial data I have compiled so far.

Task Collaboration and Prioritization

As a business broker, my client is always on the go meeting business owners and talking to potential buyers. He also has some partners in his office who works with him in taking care of business transactions he can no longer handle.

There are occasions when my day is spent assisting one of his partners with financial statement preparation, data entry, spreadsheet management, putting business listings in different listing sites among others. And there are times when both my client and his partner assign tasks all together in one day. When this happens, I prioritize my client’s tasks except when he advises me to prioritize his partner’s tasks instead.

It also happens that my client calls with only a few minutes left before my shift for him ends, asking me to complete some tasks that he needs to be completed right away. I gladly extend my time to work on such tasks as I understand how important they are to my client.

Client – Assistant Relationship

One of the good things I like about my Australian client is the way he handles a conversation. Whenever he has the chance, he normally spends some time to ask me about how things have been and shares some of the things he has been doing. It makes me feel that my client sees me not only as his virtual assistant but also as an individual who has my own experiences and concerns.

Overall, I can say that my working experience for an Australian client is a positive and fruitful one. The things present in this particular working relationship are also relevant to any other client-virtual assistant relationship.

Some of the intangibles I have applied include the initiative to ask questions and clarifications, proper time and project management, periodic update of task status, right judgment on what tasks should be prioritized, going the extra mile when needed, and of course, loving your work and valuing the working relationship.

These are the things I do which I believe are the reasons why my working relationship with my Australian client is successful and is still continuing for two years now here at Xilium.

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Christian works as a real estate assistant at Xilium. He specializes in back office support, content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow him on Google+.