SkillsTo start up a career as a virtual assistant (VA) to business owners, preparing for your online tasks should be a priority. Bear in mind that the 21st century workforce must have certain skills to provide continuous and efficient support to clients’ businesses. Since there are more and more virtual assistant companies that pop up in the Philippines, you need to strive to stay marketable.

Enhance your digital skills to keep up with the demands of online marketing. Virtual assistant companies from the Philippines hire people with technical skills and find ways to enhance VAs’ potentials.

As a VA, ask yourself how you can prepare for the challenges of online marketing. Here are a few skills you need to master to jump start your career in this industry:

1. Social Media Marketing

Managing social media networks where you find your target audience is essential to customer acquisition, and particularly to customer retention. Learning how to effectively interact with your prospects and existing customers will lead to getting positive feedback for your products or services. Plus, you are able to address their concerns by giving answers to their queries. Your social media is an extension of your customer service.

2. Technical skills

Understanding the basics of Photoshop, for instance, saves you from the hassle when posting images on your blogs. You can immediately utilize the tools to edit your photos to make them shine or enhance the colors and background. Plus, having the skills to create data visualization like infographics enables you to provide valuable information to readers in a more eye-catching manner. Remember that most of your target audience do not have the time to read lengthy feature, so infographics can quickly give them what they need.

As virtual assistants, it is also important to be self-reliant when there’s a need to troubleshoot your computer. Outsourced employees are expected to figure out ways to handle the minor technical problems so as not to interrupt with the business workflow of the clients. Equip yourself with different approaches or ideas on how to fix even minor problems. Saving yourself from any trouble in your computer also avoids delay to your tasks.

3. Content Creation

Create simple but meaningful content to attract your target audience. Take this as an opportunity to improve your writing skills. When you write, remember to provide valuable information to your clients. Answer common questions about the steps to hiring virtual assistants, how it can benefit them to have an outsourced team, how you can help with their online marketing as their VAs, and other reliable and recent information that you can share. The point is to write something that helps your clients grow their business.

4. Teamwork

Every task for online marketing is manageable once you build the spirit of teamwork in your virtual company. How you and your clients work as a team will reflect on your productivity. It is more feasible to achieve specific goals when you trust and have confidence in each other. Feedback from your supervisor or manager will help develop your skills and improve your output. Be empowered with productivity by always believing in your potential as a virtual assistant.

5. Soft Skills

Business owners look for virtual assistants who have the qualities to support business functions effectively. You need the right attitude at work to be able to face the challenges you encounter while handling your tasks. Open communication with your fellow virtual assistants and your leaders will keep you on the same page and help avoid any conflicts which can affect the client’s business operations.

Kick-start your career in a virtual assistant company in the Philippines by first knowing the skills you will need to do the job. Commit yourself to being a virtual assistant now!

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