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Many online sellers make the mistake of assuming that posting a good item picture is enough to get people buying. In some cases this tactic might work – but most of the time, people shopping online rely heavily on product descriptions. This is why it’s important for the description to be so compelling and complete that it would make people eager to order your item.

To make sure you get a sale, here are some tips to remember when talking about your product online.

Understand Your Customer

The question you should ask yourself first and foremost is “Who is your customer?”. Identifying the target audience is key in understanding what their needs and wants are. Clearly defining who is the customer will make your product description better. In a way it speaks to the soon-to-be consumer and can possibly convince them that you have what they need.

One way of identifying your target audience is to understand the purpose of your product or service. You have to understand why they need your product and why they would ever purchase it.

Make It Easy to Read

People who make choices are usually in a hurry and they would rather you go direct to the point. As much as possible use a list format that can be read in one glance. No one really wants to read an essay when the information they need can be reduced to two or three sentences the most.

Use a format of creating a small introduction where you can briefly state its purpose. This is then followed by a list of the benefits one gets when owning your product. Why should anyone buy it? What makes it better than the other brands? If possible also add how your product is always in good shape and can possibly last for a long time.

Be sure to create a draft first and have a friend look over it.

Searched Keyword

This is a very simple step that can be the difference between getting your service seen or ignored. Make sure to research keywords that are popularly used in searches so you can include them in making your product description. This creates more opportunities for your products to be seen in searches. If you go on Instagram and Twitter, you would notice that people not only make good product descriptions but also attach hashtags. By applying those hashtags at the end of their post it makes their posts more visible.

If you have a niche item, use the jargon that is associated with the merchandise. Be careful with going overboard on this and make sure to make it as organic as possible.

Have Fun!

Sometimes, it’s the more personal descriptions that attract attention. After all, people stand out not by mimicking others but by being themselves. So have a quick quirky word here and there to make your possible consumer smile.

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Ernesse Marie Berlin

Ernesse Marie Berlin

Ernesse is someone who likes to think she has it all together. She misses the beach and is constantly making plans to go but we all know how that goes down. She loves RuPauls Drag Race and her favourite queen will always be Bianca Del Rio. Ernesse is currently working on her masters in psychology.
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