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Picture this. You have a website but is not seen by your target market. Your site isn’t gaining a good page rank nor getting the traffic that you need. Your current strategies aren’t as effective as you expect them to be. And all you want is for your business to move and grow faster.

You want to have a community of loyal clients, right? But you can’t just get them in a blink of an eye or a click of your mouse. Obviously, you’re having problems in capturing their attention towards your site.

You have to study what clients are looking for today. And when you have their eyes on you, you need to know how to convert them to sales. Content marketing can surely help you do that.

But sometimes, it is more than just having good content. Content alone will not work especially in this dodgy environment. You need to master these three elements to make your content a magnet in building your online community.

Give them a cookie

According to Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory, the best way to be close to your dog and make him sit beside you is to give him a cookie.

Doing it from time to time helps the dog master the act of sitting silently beside you and eventually builds trust on you.

This works similarly to your content. It must be served like a cookie to your readers to stimulate them and make them trust you. Good content trains your readers to keep visiting your sites. This means that your content either helps them in dealing with their problems or entertains them.

Your readers will make it a habit to check out your website.

Don’t give your readers a college class

Remember, in order to gain more friends, you need to be a cool friend.

The same thing applies in building a network of customers. If you want to make serious business, you need to show them that you’re worth doing business with.

I admit, authority and power are strong words that are needed for you to motivate and attract clients. But not too much that you can’t already admit your weaknesses. Your readers don’t want a college lecture. They hate it!

Use your content wisely

Your sales will not jump in just a day. Remember, you’re not a desperate dealer who want to leave all your products somewhere.

You are building a community of trustworthy and long-term customers. Instead of directly selling your business through your content, write to educate first.

A person will never purchase something that he doesn’t know. That’s a fact. So to build a long lasting network of customers, you need to educate them about you and your business first before a sale.

Let your readers know, like and trust you first, then that’s the right time to ask for a sale!

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