Woman Sleeping 2002Sleep is important. It is the best chance for our body to rejuvenate and heal itself. When we are in hibernation mode it is easier for our bodies to repair or replenish whatever it is that needs to be refreshed, so when we wake up we feel better and renewed. Our more relaxed disposition and fewer movements during sleep will keep us from aggravating further any strained muscle. This way our body can do its magic in healing it. Also, our skin cell regeneration is faster at night, which means sleeping early gives the skin cells more time for repair or a better chance at getting replenished to keep our skin healthy.

How well do you sleep?

Sleep is one of the first casualties to be sacrificed in the race for self-development and career building. Offshore virtual assistants understand this better than most. Working as a virtual assistant sometimes can be hazardous to sleeping patterns at times.

Most virtual assistants work in a different time zone from that of their clients’. You probably end up working at night and sleeping in the mornings, so you can adjust to your client’s time zone. This not only disrupts your body’s internal clock but also keeps your body from healing itself properly.

What is the position you favor most when sleeping?

As a busy virtual assistant, all your time must be taken up by keeping all your clients’ business operations running smoothly through your gamut of tasks.

Considering that working as a virtual assistant keeps you in the seat of your chair for the whole day, your neck and back are regularly strained. The prolonged position of the body you hold while you work affects the shoulders, forearms, wrists, and fingers – they are subjected to tension from both repetitive and few movements, making them ache. You also probably forget to stretch out every once in a while to keep muscles from getting cramped and to relax them. You may even give in to slouching at some point because of stress or fatigue.

It turns out that particular sleeping positions might actually help to alleviate some body problems you are currently suffering from, as illustrated by an infographic shared in Wall Street Journal’s online portal. Basing on the infographic, the position on which you put your body at rest when you sleep can help in relieving particular pains you might be experiencing. There are also other problems aside from your typical work-related ones that could be eased or reduced if you only sleep in the right position. For example: If you are suffering from back pain because of sitting all day at work, you should sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees or a rolled towel at the small of your back. This is done to maintain the natural curve of the body. Or, if your neck has been strained by a lot at work and you feel some pain in that area, you have to keep it in a neutral position and avoid sleeping on your stomach. Keep your pillows above your shoulders, or a rolled up towel supporting the neck could be an alternative.

Aside from these two examples, the infographic even shows what sleeping position would help with your acid reflux and obstructive sleep apnea, if you are suffering from such conditions.

Virtual assistants could learn a lot of tricks to help soothe any of their body aches through this infographic. However, you shouldn’t forget that these are just temporary solutions to your problems, something to keep you from experiencing too much discomfort. The best thing you can do for yourself is still to take care of your health.

Overlooking health is something most of us do to favor our endeavors more. By this time, health problems like body aches and discomforts have become a burden. This predicament is even more prominent among people who work as virtual assistants. Only realizing too late that you should have cared more. Eat healthier food, exercise regularly, and catch more quality sleep – these are the more effective tricks to have up your sleeves!

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