Xilium-transitioning into a new job

It was a new world, a new adventure and a blank slate for me when I landed a job in the outsourcing business. Not an easy transition, rather a 180 degree turnabout from the hospital routines and procedures grounded by my nursing profession. Seven years of experience will not just be easily forgotten.

For now, I have to put aside my skills, knowledge, and attitudes as a nurse, to fully give my attention to this new career I’ve taken up – being a virtual assistant. Overwhelmed was how I felt at first. There were so many new ideas, terms, and jargons to learn in a matter of weeks. I thought I was going to have trouble moving forward as a virtual assistant.

It was the people around me who made me see that nothing was impossible. With concern, my colleagues mentored me, until I was able to navigate this new world with confidence.

So, how will I become successful in my new job? Here are some tips I found helpful:

  1. Stay positive. Always look at the bright side, and imbibe within yourself the sense of enthusiasm and eagerness. It is in the way you see things that you attract good vibes. So even if you don’t know a certain task or assignment, believe that you can do it. It’s better to try and fail for the first time, than to not try at all. This will help you know what you are truly capable of doing.
  2. Find your routine. It’s hard to start in a new job because you have to juggle things around to maintain balance and steadiness. Managing your time and tasks will give you a smooth control of your job, and will eventually yield quality and best outputs. Look for ways and techniques you can feel comfortable with. Maybe they could even be unconventional ways, as long as you don’t compromise the essential aspects of your work.
  3. Immerse yourself in company culture. Adjusting to the working atmosphere and environment of the company will take some time. Observe the established culture – embrace it. This will keep you from struggling through your first days. Plus, isn’t it fulfilling to say, “I belong.”
  4. Take notes. Know and learn the basics of the company as a whole. Know your boss, your colleagues, and the protocols. List down the do’s and don’ts, so you make less mistakes. Pay attention to minute details, sometimes they are the ones that can make or break the deal.
  5. Set goals. Think of general and specific objectives that you want to achieve. Goal-setting is very important in every career. It leads you to the right direction. Write all the things you want to reach and accomplish in the course of your work. It’s satisfying to have a sense of accomplishment and success.
  6. Build relationships. This is a crucial investment. Every individual needs to have a support system. Building relationships with people you just met is not easy. Take a step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to the people you work with. Doing so opens you to more interactions. It is the harmonious working relationships between colleagues that a company operates smoothly and effectively.
  7. Increase your participation. Volunteerism is a key value. Extend a helping hand to your co-workers when they encounter problems with tasks and subjects of your expertise. Offer your assistance to them to show your willingness and ability to work as a member of the team.
  8. Seek out mentorship. When you are a newbie in a company, you need all the guidance and mentoring you can get. Even if you are an expert in a lot of things, you still need some help at times. It should not hurt your pride to admit you need help. Asking some questions and looking for clarifications is not only beneficial for you, it also shows your humility and that you want to grow professionally. You’ll be surprised how appreciative your superior when you take initiative to ask their advice.

It is not easy to embrace a new job or position. It will entail a lot of your time, effort and desire to really come to terms with it. You might struggle to move forward or linger on the past. But as long as you take the challenge, in no time, you will feel settled and comfortable.

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