facebook-advertisingBesides your email, what is the first thing you view when you open your computer in the morning?

I bet a social media network is amongst your top five list. You understand that social media is established as a prime strategy in online marketing. Plus, you want to keep abreast with all current issues or developments.

Why Facebook, in the first place?

Two of the best social media platforms for your content would have to be Facebook and Twitter. A hashtag can help make in your content promotion. By attaching the pound sign  to your posts or tweets, you are making them more visible in search results.

However, it’s probably on Facebook where you can fully maximize your online marketing plans. Foremost, you get to share your content by posting it on your wall. Hashtags are also part of the service now. Plus, compared to most social networking sites, it has the better understanding of user behavior and preferences because of its over a billion subscribers.

It’s large share of online traffic and unwavering patronage makes it a very business-conducive platform to use in promoting your business and reaching out to the public.

What has Facebook done to be even more significant for businesses?

1. Understand what its users need. The high number of subscribers that Facebook enjoys put it in the position of being capable of culling out the preferences of the public through their activities.  October of 2014 saw the launching of an app called Rooms developed by the social media giant. It is an app that lets users create a “room” dedicated to any topic, wherein they can chat anonymously with each other. It saw the people’s need to have some privacy sometimes, so they can say anything they want without any consequences.

Remember the time that when the world raised its brow at Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012? It probably foresaw the selfie phenomenon because of the burgeoning number of photos posted daily by its users. Facebook weathered the ridicule and criticisms it got from all direction. Patiently, it waited for the moment to prove everyone wrong. Then lo and behold, it had actually done the good thing when it bought Instagram.

2. Motivate users towards journalism. The News Feeds…who can start their day without scrolling through the stream of information about their peers, loved ones, and people they follow just to get abreast with the latest happenings in those particular people lives?

But the Facebook News Feeds had become more than that. It has now become a source of journalism. I admit to checking out interesting articles I see on my own news feeds every morning, sometimes this is where I get inspiration to write blogs. Reading enriches the mind and fuels it to creativity through knowledge and imagination. For this reason, it is beneficial for your business if you have a Facebook page which links to your website.

Sometimes people have no time to search for news and information or just won’t bother, but when a particular article is suggested in Facebook – there is a better chance for them to get readership, especially when the title is composed interestingly.

3. Make good investments. For the last two years, Facebook has been getting a lot of doubtful looks from other multimedia investors, marketing experts, and probably the general public for its seemingly random impulsive acquisitions. But are they really random?

It’s becoming obvious that Facebook is proving people wrong. It’s investments are actually showing how wise and forward thinking the social networking giant is. It is working on becoming bigger than it already is today.

What is the plan behind everything? To dominate the online ads or to be the force to reckon when it comes to online advertising is the ultimate goal Facebook is gearing for.

How will Facebook’s strategy work?

Facebook wants to be the reliable partner for businesses when it comes to advertising. It started by being an authority when it comes to targeting the market with accuracy. It packages itself as a customer-friendly and trustworthy advertiser. Focusing ads by understanding their subscribers is how they pave the way. By analyzing the wealth of information their subscribers give out about themselves and purchase data from businesses, Facebook is able to target the best ads for a particular subscriber. To help both the consumers and the businesses in knowing, understanding, and ultimately benefitting from one another has become one of their missions.


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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.