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In US territory, everyone working with EMRs and other sensitive data know and abide by HIPAA standards. As the market grows however, practitioners looking to expand their practice may feel constrained by what is available to them simply because HIPAA is restricted to the US – but that’s where they’re wrong.

Not many people know that HIPAA can actually go beyond US territory, allowing health professionals to avail of the services of an offshore company for their practices’ needs. These companies outside the US are not legally bound to HIPAA’s policies yet a large number of them actively pursue and proudly display the label of ‘HIPAA Compliant’. Why is that?

For one, although HIPAA is mere US legislation when it comes to its limited territoriality, its applications are widely-recognized internationally. The standards set are in no means limited to the context of the country or any other locality. Privacy is a universal concern in the Information Age and countries all over the world can easily adopt concepts and standards set about by HIPAA to the benefit of themselves and their customers. Compliance to HIPAA does not simply mean doing nothing illegal, it also means you are doing everything in the most security-efficient way possible.

Offshore companies and agents in their employ are free to use their own programs and systems; how sure are you that the services you are availing as a health practitioner are put under the tightest lock and key from cyber criminals? HIPAA understands and acknowledges that it is impossible to foresee all potential breaches and likewise plan accordingly. Instead HIPAA focuses on internal security; primarily by highlighting that the passing of information from one set of hands to the other must done by the minimal and most effective manner.

HIPAA is not limited to the medical field. Businesses and other enterprises have begun adopting their own versions based on the standards set by HIPAA. While such offshore corporations may not be legally held in check by HIPAA, the responsible health practitioner knows that similar such methods must be demanded. HIPAA Compliance is not simply doing something to avoid legal ramifications; observance of its standards is a business proposition of the highest grade and a guarantee that your clients can depend on.

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Rey Palmares

Writing should be one part informative and one part entertaining. It's what differentiates a generic piece of text from a well-written article. Rey Palmares dedicates much of his time to fine-tune that craft, juggling the joys and frustrations of writing with those of his law school life outside of the office. He's making it work so far.