“How did you find us?” is often a question that we ask our new clients. Did a friend or colleague refer us? Could they have read our newsletter? Seen us at a networking event? Or, found us through Google?

Nowadays, where the World Wide Web is playing a great part in helping people find answers to their questions and needs, online marketing not only becomes a trend but also plays a vital role in every business. Some maximize the use of social media in reaching out to their target market.

There are several social media platforms that small business owners can choose from. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube just to mention a few. But what sets Google+ apart from all these platforms?

Since the “Brand Pages” was launched by Google+ in 2011 allowing brands and business to use this social media platform, a lot of small businesses can now be found in Google+.

Here are some benefits small business owners get from their Google+ presence:

Google+ is more than just a social networking site.

Google plus was able to integrate other Google tools setting it apart from other social media platforms. You can manage your calendar through it, do internal and external networking, and keep yourself updated with current events.  With continuous posting of quality content and engaging with your circles and communities, you are definitely starting to get your brand out there.

Boost your page ranking.

Since Google+ is integrated with the biggest and most widely used search engine, the links that you share in Google plus gets to be indexed more quickly as compared to those shared in other social media platforms. Why is this important? To get a higher page rank means that your website will be seen on the first few pages of Google search results allowing your target market to easily locate you.

Get connected in different ways

Google Hangout is one of the many features of Google+ allowing you to have a video chat with a specific circle or broadcast it publicly for your followers to watch. This is especially helpful if you are planning to reach out to your audience on a more personal level – going on-air publicly and answering questions from your customers or clients or sharing some valuable information to them.

Another feature of Google+ is the Google Circles. Circles refer to the different groups you have created for your followers – family, friends, team members, etc. These circles allow you to share a specific post to a specific circle or several circles.

After you sign-up for a Google+ account, don’t forget to take the “Tour” to help you in maximizing the use of your account’s features.  To keep those +1’s and followers coming, just remember to keep your posts interesting, give back to the community, and engage with your followers.

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