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What is a web developer to a business owner?

In this age of online marketing for businesses, everything is on the web. Businesses put up websites that their customers and potential clients can visit to get to know them – what they do or offer and the people behind the business, as well as to understand what their products are for or what they are made from.

It is the work handled by web developers. They create the website, control how it works or behaves, and also plan the kind of activities visitors can do there. Because of the overall influence of a web developer to a company’s website, a good relationship between a business owner and his web developer is important for the smoothness of the task accomplishment.

Good harmonious relations are an integral part of the success of a business. An efficient workplace or project does not exist by talent alone. It is first paved by the connection between the people involved.

So, what should be done for the business owner and the web developer to keep a good and productive relationship? Here are four steps a business owner can avoid inciting conflict with his developer during a project:

#1. Establish a clear expected result for a project.

Nothing distorts harmony more than misunderstanding and confusion. Keep things clear by making sure what you, as a business owner, expect the result to be. Know what you want. Explain to your web developer how exactly you want the finished product to be like. Detail all the aspects, especially the technical ones, you want the developer to meet or accomplish for the project. Make a bulleted list or a flow chart if you must, just make sure you get

This way you both see eye-to-eye on the project. No “lost in translation” kind of incident that could hamper the effectiveness and efficiency of the project.

#2. Set a Definite Budget Plan

Money matters. In every project a specified budget should always be defined. What is the the maximum capacity of the project’s finances. This way, unnecessary costs can be avoided. Your developer should be able to predict the limitations needed to keep the project within means of the allotted budget. However, be ready to show some flexibility to the more important parts of the project as long as it is an aspect that will greatly affect the end result. Set priorities and exercise caution all the way until the project is done.

#3. Create Project Prototypes.

Do not immediately implement whatever result the developer accomplishes. Create prototypes of the project to make some sort of test run, wherein you can determine possible problems and obstacles that might not have been forthcoming during the creation process. This way you will lessen the probability of flunking when your website or webpage goes live.

Making prototypes will let you see if there are needed improvements that should be done, or a little tweaking to get your actual desired result. Figure out what works or what doesn’t within the project, so when the time comes it goes online there is little room for embarrassment.

#4. Be involved in the process.

There is no way better than your personal involvement in the stages of of the project to ensure that what you expect will be met. Plus, it shows your web developer that you put importance in the project, so much so that you are willing to invest your time with it. This will help him or her understand what your expectations and hopes are for the project, making them take it more seriously.

Your involvement, more importantly, will also mean that you will have firsthand knowledge of the stages the project is undergoing. You will see if the process is efficient enough or if your deadline and expectations might be too much for your developer to reach. Then, your involvement will help you understand how complicated the process is or how difficult it is to put together each aspect you want to include. And, this will always guarantee that you and your developer will be on the same page.

Communicate and reciprocate. These are the keys to help you have a good relationship with your web developer. Respect should always be a part of all your dealings. And positive reinforcement and reward will help to make the relationship solid and the work excellent.

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