Be the best REAL estate assistant!

Real estate virtual assistants are the go-to professionals of some real estate agents and brokers who need support. These are individuals that are well-trained with the tools and processes in the real estate industry. They provide virtual support services such as database management, market research, data farming, social media marketing, and other administrative tasks.

Are you working as a real estate assistant or aspiring to be one? What makes a good real estate assistant? Let me give you 4 qualities that will help make you the best REAL estate assistant that you could ever be!

Resourcefulness — As a real estate assistant, you have to be resourceful in accomplishing the task given to you. You really don’t have to be an expert of the real estate industry, but it is a big bonus point if you have some decent background and orientation on how the systems work. Leverage the use of the internet. Google will surely come in handy when you’re looking up some information and Youtube if you need training videos. You can also check out online dictionaries such as for real estate terms and real estate assistant training sites like that will teach you administrative processes and marketing strategies. Isn’t learning while working exciting?

Ethics — Ethics originated from the Greek word Ethos, which means character. Just like in every profession, it is imperative that you have a good character as a real estate VA. Some clients may ask you to do something where confidentiality is a must such as managing their accounts that involve money and other personal matters. If you are genuine, your client will certainly trust you. This will create a harmonious relationship and lead to the possibility of getting a long term job. You can check out some tips on building strong work ethics.

Availability — It is equally important that you are available at a schedule your client needs you the most. Arrange this with them so both parties know what to expect as far as availability is concerned. Flexibility in time schedule is the key in order to cater the needs of the clients. Some of them are from the other side of the world, so it is necessary that you adjust your schedule according to their standard hours of duty. Not only should you always be available but also communicate with your client frequently to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

Loving attitude— I am not having a mistake here. Clearly, this is not about a “love story” but, this is the most vital quality that real estate assistants should have. In every little thing that you do, even in the smallest routine tasks, or even just before you hit “send” when you reply to your emails, you have to put in some extra Tender Loving Care. Always make sure that in every work you do, you accomplish it with promptness, accuracy and effectiveness. You will be surprised at how easy tasks and challenges become if you add a loving attitude to your job. Love your job and your job will love you back.

I hope you gained some insights on becoming a good, if not the best real estate assistant. Those are only four simple tips. There are still plenty of them to ponder. Remember, your role as an RE assistant is to help your clients sell more homes and become more productive, and the way to achieve that is to have the above-mentioned along with the other qualities. Be REAL! Be the best real estate assistant!

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