This year, the number of Facebook users in the America is expected to reach 207.36 million. The increase is set to continue until 2022, with an expected number of 219.79 million users. This is a marketing opportunity for businesses, whether big or small. Facebook is the most popular social networking site today, and it’s one of the places businesses should try to invest their marketing efforts in.   

There are several ways for businesses to maximize Facebook. Here are a few tips and tools to help businesses establish and improve their Facebook presence:

Maximize Audience Settings
Businesses can select their audience demographics and input the interests of their customers to generate the right people who will see their page. This can be done through clicking the “Preferred Page Audience” option in Settings. With this option, business owners can either input keywords linked to their audience or pick from a suggested list to describe the kind of audience they would want to reach. This options allows customers to see your page whenever they type in or search for specific categories or keywords.

Never Forget The Visuals
It’s easier to capture people’s attention through visuals, especially on social media. Videos, in particular, generate better reach and engagement rates versus photos. Depending on what the business would like to start with or communicate with, any form of visual content will yield a significant audience than non-visual content.

Track Page Performance
Facebook has a “Page Insights” section which allows page admins to measure their pages’ performance. The section provides an overview of the pages’ likes, the posts’ reach, and engagement. This feature will help businesses to see if the content they post resonates well with their audience. Whether businesses just want to see how they’ve been growing online, or how their current strategies or content are doing, this option details the necessary data businesses will need.

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Chikee Tiu

Chikee Tiu

Antoinette Tiu started writing as a student journalist at age 11. Ten years later, she still finds herself at the service of creating meaningful content for her readers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her finishing an oil painting, taking portraits and stories of locals (wherever she may be based), or recreating runway looks on her Instagram.
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