024511BLAs a business owner, one of your biggest fears would have to be falling behind your competition. This is a hurdle in business that you want to avoid at all cost. You wonder what you must do or not do in order to prevent that from happening. And, falling behind because of your failure to embrace new trends is a sure way to hamper your business’ growth and success.

So ask yourself this: What are you willing to do?

Do you create your own content? Content marketing should be (if you haven’t engaged in it yet) one of the top things on your list of things to do. What do you understand about content marketing?

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent information to your defined audience in order to achieve profitable customer action. Using different types of content marketing such as live streaming/music video, comics/cartoons, event information, memes, embedded tweets, controversial content and more plays a great role in your business.

Your best assets here  is your creativity in talking about topics related to your business and your wealth of knowledge that will reinforce that creativity with accuracy and relevance.

So, what is it with content marketing and business, and how do they work well together?

  1. Great content sparks customer’s interest and gains their loyalty.The idea is that the more you consistently provide relevant and helpful information to your expected audience, the more you engage them to keep coming back to read your content. Plus, the more that they are engaged in reading your content, the higher the probability that you get them to check out what else you have to offer. This will also earn you their respect because of the quality information you give them. When they see your content as a reliable one, you also gain their trust and loyalty. It eventually returns your investment. Basically, what you do is share opinions without selling anything. Your mission here is to know their demands and interests – to have a higher happy customer turnout.
  2. Great opportunity for small businesses to get known. A quality-over-quantity content can lead the way no matter how small your business is.  Take busy people for instance. They just have to find the most valuable information to which they spare their time, so take time to come up with your content. Remember that your content can build customers’ trust and encourage them to purchase your products because you show them consistent and relevant information. What’s more is that 61% of consumers said that they felt better about a company that delivers custom content.

Now, it boils down to the question of how to start up your content marketing? First, figure out if you have the time to make the content yourself and if you believe that you are capable of making it as well.  When you find that you are not only capable but also have the time, then the next step is to learn – learn how to make content which upholds your business without outrightly selling it to the reader. But, if think you can’t or just don’t have enough time for content writing, consider hiring a virtual assistant who can help you in writing content for your business or industry. You can even collaborate with your assistant whenever you find the time to insert writing into your schedule.

In this time when online reputation has become an integral part of businesses, you need reputable and credible information linked to you or your business. And it can all simply start with the content that you put out there. So start writing your thoughts and keep on refining them, the idea is to become one of the thought leaders in your industry with the valuable information and content that you provide.

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Juvy Ann Magbanua

Juvy Ann Magbanua

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