Traveling through strange seas, destined to set foot on the unknown, clueless of what awaits. Who wouldn’t be terrified? Who would willingly brave the odds of stepping out the comfort zone?

Typically, I’m not a brave person, but I believe that an individual should have a vision of a brighter world ahead. I want to be one of the brave ones who gamble chances and opportunities to conquer different heights.

A Look Through Being a VA

I don’t just jump into opportunities just because it looks promising. I aim to be the best at what I do, thus, I make sure I have what it takes.

Being a virtual assistant requires taking full responsibility for the task assigned by a client. Those tasks must be accomplished on time no matter how tight the schedule is. That will define the difference between working hard and working smart.

To work smart means having the right attitude towards work and being sneaky enough to balance through piles of tasks at hand. I know, it’s not going to be easy. My store of determination will help me learn new skills and get things right in the name of professionalism.

Also, virtual assistants must be reliable enough to represent an institution and be able to graciously carry out every task assigned by the client. One must be accountable and be able to own things up, whether it’s a job well done or a rather messed up one.

Virtual assistants should be well-informed and resourceful. I personally think that it takes appropriate knowledge for a VA to carry out tasks effectively. However, it is always possible to encounter unfamiliar ideas and concepts. That would be the perfect time to unleash one’s resourceful self.


There is more to being a newbie than just fun and excitement. Taking on a different path means going for new challenges, growing up, learning and being a superhuman.

Nothing is more challenging than having to work on something you have not tried before. Then again, doing the usual all the time can get old and too comfortable, so challenges are needed to feel alive and renewed.

Being a VA is literally like conquering a new world to me. New is challenging and I am definitely up for the challenge. What comes after challenge is learning. I know I am young, but I am ready to take them on. My mind still has plenty of room for new discoveries and ideas. This would help me grow as an individual to become a contributing part of the industry.

Lastly, I expect to see a side of me I haven’t seen before. My superhuman side in particular. I know things are going to be extra challenging and there would be times that I would need to defy limits and exceed expectations to live up to my virtue.

Words I live by

I will always be up for the challenge and I’ll never stop on working to be my best self.

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Czarina Ganancial

Czarina Ganancial

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