We’ve come a long way from lengthy bank lines and bookkeeping techniques, requiring years of meticulous mental and mathematical aptitude to master. Now, more and more companies are abandoning full-time, licensed accountants and bookkeepers with decades of experience to hire young professionals instead who have one specific expertise: tech skills.

Nowadays, technology has broken into into the accounting scene – and for the better. As the Information Age continues to push through the 21st Century, we are granted cheaper, faster, and easier access to high end hardware and software that can easily outdo human beings. Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics are a few of the many software that have been making strides in the past decade.

These programs are capable of summarizing information in one click. What needed weeks to be furnished can now be delivered instantaneously. Some of these programs also feature synchronization with bank systems, eliminating the need to make that long trip downtown. You can also update the same information from your own portable device.

As for security, records are safely tucked away in gridiron cloud systems. The same records may likewise be securely accessed anywhere via the internet provided the right security protocols are met. Keeping the information online is significantly safer and easier as compared to keeping your records on a bookshelf.

These programs are relatively quicker to master too. Resource-intensive training programs are a thing of the past as corporations invest instead in software. As a fresh graduate on the hunt for work, having learned the use of these programs will definitely put you one up above the competition.

As technology is showing no signs of slowing down, the delicate skill of bookkeeping has also benefited and evolved with the times. With the amount of technological development that continues to be crunched out every year, the accounting expert is now slowly being replaced with the tech savvy.

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Rey Palmares

Rey Palmares

Writing should be one part informative and one part entertaining. It's what differentiates a generic piece of text from a well-written article. Rey Palmares dedicates much of his time to fine-tune that craft, juggling the joys and frustrations of writing with those of his law school life outside of the office. He's making it work so far.