In today’s edition of our blog, we are going to give you the next four things you can do to establish trust to your small business website.

5. Introduce your staff. Doing this can make site visitors believe that they are dealing with a legitimate business because they have people to associate it with. You can make use of your “About Us” page to post information and photos of your employees, or if you have a lot of staff members, you can create a directory page.

6. Assure visitors of your website’s security. Security is important, especially if you directly sell products through your website. You can get a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate or you can purchase products such as Semantec Safe Site that makes sure your website is malware free. Having a security badge on your website will make people feel less apprehensive about sharing their confidential information.

7. Have a phone number on your website. Just like putting your staff’s photos, posting your contact number is important as well. This can make your visitors feel that there are “real” people in your company and that they have someone to call if they have questions. If your business depends largely on customer calls, make sure that your contact number is positioned in the upper right portion of your site’s header so it is easy to find.

8. Make sure you have a privacy policy. People want to be sure that information they share is safe. Putting a link to your Privacy Policy, usually at the footer, will definitely be helpful in letting your visitors know that you care about their shared information such as name, phone number, email address, etc.

Making your brand trustworthy is a MUST if you want a higher conversion rate. Trust is earned, and if your name is not as big as Microsoft, or Samsung, or Apple, it will not be an easy journey, but definitely worthwhile when achieved. It’s a combination of time, quality products or services and a good reputation online.

You can start now. Update your website considering the tips we shared. Get professional help through virtual assistant services.

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Joven has been working in the virtual assistant industry for almost 5 years. Currently, he serves as a Supervisor at Xilium. Follow him on Google+.
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