Let’s talk about brand trust. As a small business owner, you surely wouldn’t want visitors to leave your website the moment they stumble upon it. I mean, your name is not as big as Coca Cola or Microsoft or Samsung, and your chances of getting visitors stay on your webpages for a long time may not be that high. Yes, you appear on top of search engine results pages — thanks to your good online marketing campaign — but it’s not a guarantee that they trust you.

Establishing brand trust is an important part of every small business website. Yes, it is tough and it doesn’t happen overnight. But, there are several things that you can do to start making it happen. Here are 8 tips :

1. Do A Little Bragging. If your company has been featured in a highly recognized website under your industry, show it in your homepage. Authoritative sites have the power to elicit trust from visitors, so brag it by putting a “Featured In” section and link it out to the page where you have been mentioned.

2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation. BBB conducts a thorough check of businesses that enlist, which means that companies with a questionable reputation are excluded. If you have successfully gotten BBB’s nod, add the organization’s badge to your website.

3. Have a page for testimonials. Nothing beats sweet words from happy and satisfied clients. Testimonials can help build trust especially to first time visitors. Some people may even look for reviews of your products and services to be sure, and by thinking ahead of them and putting what your clients say about you, you’ll definitely convert them into customers too. How do you start with that? Identify your happy customers and ask for written or video testimonials.

4. Put links to your social media profiles. Social media is a powerful tool. Not only are these networks effective in information-sharing but also in establishing brand reputation. For instance, if visitors see that you have a good following on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, they tend to take part in your business offering.

To be continued…

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Joven has been working in the virtual assistant industry for almost 5 years. Currently, he serves as a Supervisor at Xilium. Follow him on Google+.
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