Blogging for Small BusinessIn every journey we make, there will always be people we meet. People who are either of passing interest or those who make an indelible mark in our lives. These individuals all become part of our experience and help make up the memory of the journey.

Blogging is a journey as well. In a way, it takes us to different places through the topics and niches we try out to find our own sweet spot of interest and expertise. As a business owner, you can’t get away from blogging. You can turn out to be that blogger who shares about your products or services, or better yet, about problems that your customers encounter and solutions your business can provide.

While you take your journey, different kinds of people may show up along the way to surprise you with a shared affinity or dissimilarity with each other. Whatever they may become for you, in some ways, they will be part of how you get to where you are.

Here is a run through of eight kinds of people you are sure to encounter while blogging on the web:

1. The Diligent Editor

This is the person you trust with your work wholeheartedly for the honest opinion and kind guidance. Most probably this person is your friend in the real world who may have followed you in the virtual one to help you out.

This person gives you a nudge whenever you do something wrong in a post or applaud you when you do something right. The Diligent Editor points it out to you in private or in an inoffensive way. Such is the person you want to be by your side always as you work your way to become a thought-leader in your industry.

2. The Grammar Nazi

This person’s sole purpose is to criticize your grammar. You may or may not know The Grammar Nazi, but this strict grammarian will follow your every move and put your name in the blacklist of people who do poorly in grammar. Even the most honestly unintentional flaw is taken as an affront to his own person by this fellow.

The bright side is that when you get better in your writing, this shadow of a person will lighten up on you a little. And if you’re really lucky, or if you have really improved so much from how you were when you started and show that you are a willing learner, you might find The Diligent Editor inside The Grammar Nazi. Best of luck with that.

3. The Avid Follower

Now, this one on the other hand can only be described as a fan. One post from you and The Avid Follower becomes a fan. This person religiously follows you in the blogging community by littering comments, likes, shares, and the rest in the wake of slithering along your page. You are charmed and overwhelmed in equal parts by this person – charmed by the loyalty, love, and adoration you are shown, but alarmed by the almost stalkerish fanaticism.

4. The Vigilant Critic

This one will stumble upon your post, see the first three mistakes like they were glaringly written in neon, then call you out on it in the comments section. Henceforth, this sentinel will watch out for your every post to do the same.

While The Grammar Nazi monitors your grammar alone, The Vigilant Critic sees everything, from simple typographical errors to wrong references, misguided facts, and unheeded technicalities. This person will then point everything out to you in a comment everyone is bound to see. If you are hated, be sure to expect a brutal commentary. However, when this guardian is neutral, you might earn for yourself a new Diligent Editor and a future friend – whichever comes first.

5. The Stealthy Copier

This is the most flattering person to meet for your ego as a blogger. The Stealthy Copier looks through your posts to see which one could be copied, tweaked some ways to post it as if written by this person’s hand.

This one has little talent in writing and even less imagination, so coming up with an original enough post to call this one’s own is hard to come by. For this reason, this person stalks other people’s posts to find something to copy and changes a few parts to make it seem original.

6. The Fellowship of Bloggerhood

This is not one person. They are a group of bloggers who have become a community by their shared niche. They have taken it upon themselves to comment on each other’s blog to make each other feel good. They are there to make sure that no post from one of their members are left empty of comments as if no one bothered enough to read it.

Like The Stealthy Copier, this group of people is good for your ego as a writer not only because you have a dedicated group of commenters, but more importantly, you have a reliable group of like-minded virtual friends who will support you at all times. They are the first to give you praises for your work and also the first to spew out constructive criticisms.

They will fight for you as strongly as a mama cat fights for her young. It will be nice to find The Fellowship of Bloggerhood you can call your own who will take you under their wings while you are still trying to spread your own. This way the experience will be more pleasant and less traumatic.

7. The Virtual Buddy

You may be able to find yourself The Fellowship of Bloggerhood for your online posse, but The Virtual Buddy is that one person who is closest to you. This could be a friend from the real world or someone you have become rather attached to from constant association and online conversations.

You could very well be part of a fellowship together, but among all the rest you two are the closest. If you are not yet friends in the real world, it will be easy for the both of you to make that next step.

8. The Nonchalant Passerby

The Nonchalant Passerby is probably the most useless one to you. This one reads or most probably scans through your post, does not comment, then leaves. Sometimes staying long enough to source a material out of your post for another post or a research assignment.

This person is no fan, but just as the name suggests, is simply a passerby – someone who got lost and stumbled upon your post while at it. The most that this one will visit your blog is twice, then discovers another blog to look through forgetting yours along the way.

The people you meet while embarking on your blogging journey will help shape the blogger that you will make out of yourself as time goes by. You must select from them who you could learn from, who to listen to for advice, who to ignore or take in stride, who to take seriously or with a grain of salt, who to try to emulate as a mentor, or even who to accept as a friend who matters real and not just a virtual buddy.

But, of course that is the ideal sense of it. A journey, however, can fall on inopportune times too. But as long as there are people helping you, you’ll be able to find your way.

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Angela is a virtual assistant specializing in content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow her on Google+.