Before, executives, celebrities, and other influential people were the only ones who could afford the services of personal assistants. People who did not belong to these groups would end up struggling with their chores, or worse, not finish most of what they had to. Now, almost any busy man can have one, thanks to the advancement in technology that paved the way for the emergence of virtual personal assistants.

Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA) are highly skilled individuals who perform duties that you can’t handle all by yourself. These individuals can work the same number of hours and perform the same tasks much like what a regular employee does. The only difference is that they do their work over the phone or online. This translates to quality output at a much lesser cost.

You might be wondering what they can do for you. Well, here are some of the tasks a Virtual Personal Assistant can handle.

1. Administrative Assistance

Tasks like keeping track of correspondences and booking flights may take a lot of time off one’s busy schedule. These are not very important, but they are unavoidable. Ignoring these tasks will do no good for your future endeavors. Good thing is your VPA can do them on your behalf with high attention to detail. The major effect? You can focus on your core duties.

2. Appointment Scheduling

VPAs can make things easier for you when it comes to online appointment scheduling and time management. They can inform the second party in case you can’t make it and move your appointment to another viable schedule. A VPA can manage your calendar and remind you of what is up on your schedule ahead of time.

3. Email Management

You can ask your personal assistant to check and organize your email. Your online assistant can prepare a reply, forward, and flag it for your overview. This will ensure that you don’t miss important matters, which is often the case when you do not regularly check your email.

4. Personal Assistance

Sometimes, you may need help with personal matters on special days like birthdays or anniversaries of family members. If you’re planning to send flowers for instance, you can ask your assistant to order one for you. These tasks may be beyond the original job description of an office assistant, but your VPA can absolutely take this burden off your back as they don’t require much time.

5. Blog Management Services

Do you keep a business blog but don’t have time to update it? Virtual Personal Assistants are not only limited to doing administrative and office work. They can help your business build a strong online presence. With their knowledge on SEO related matters, they can help you keep your blog alive by creating interesting and useful blogs to boost traffic to your website.

6. Internet Research

Do you want a comprehensive research on a particular topic but find no time to do the work? Why don’t you try assigning it to your VPA? They can dig information, analyze it, and turn it into a new material. Don’t worry about them copying someone else’s work because they are well aware of plagiarism and its consequences.

7. Presentation Making

Virtual Assistants have the knack for presentation making. They can prepare your presentation using PowerPoint or any tool you prefer. All you have to do is send a detailed instruction and maybe a description of the kind of output you would like to have. But if you’re too busy to do the latter, you can let them put their artistic touch to it and review it later. Just take note, though. This task needs more time for research, so it would be best if you give the task earlier to give your assistant ample time to finish everything.

These are just a few of what VPAs can do for your business… there’s even more because virtual assistants are well-rounded individuals. So, why hire a traditional office assistant when you can benefit more from a virtual employee?

Be wise and practical. Start looking for your virtual personal assistant now!

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Christian works as a real estate assistant at Xilium. He specializes in back office support, content writing, social media marketing, and administrative assistance. Follow him on Google+.
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